Victory! World’s Largest Spice Company to Go Organic and Non-GMO by 2016!

New victory for all the anti-GMO and healthy life fighters, the world’s largest herbs and spice company has announced it’s going organic and non-GMO by 2016.

Because of the organic and non-GMO food boom, other companies such as Simply Organic have been able to grow thanks to the support of customers looking for cleaner options.

McCormick spice company, one of the world’s largest spice companies, will soon be adding Non-GMO products to its spice portfolio.


McCormick to Officially Go Organic, GMO-Free Soon

McCormick announced that 80% of its herbs and spices sold in the US will be organic and non-GMO. New labels will also adorn the familiar McCormick packages, with over 70% expected to sport new “non-GMO” labels.

Many of the company’s herbs and spices are already non-GMO, but the increased transparency is expected to be a selling point for many consumers as it has been for products that have become Non-GMO Project Verified.

Another positive thing about McCormick is that they don’t use irradiation in their production, they instead use steam treatments to help preserve the spices’ health benefits.

Also announced by McCormick, a new non-GMO vanilla extract will be introduced along with numerous other organic spices and flavorings to compete with its rivals for the growing organic dollar in the United States, and elsewhere.

“The announcement comes ahead of the peak fall cooking and holiday season where consumer usage of herbs, spices & extracts as key ingredients in recipe favorites increase,” according to the news release.


McCormick a Healthier Option?

It is not yet the healthiest option on the market, even though the company is currently making strides to “clean up” their products, though by next year, they will certainly be up there in the ranks!

Believe it or not, numerous companies use irradiation in order to make spices “more safe” for the consumer.

If you’re buying from any old spice company there’s a high risk that you could be getting irradiated spices.

Completely organic and non-GMO options right now include Simply Organic and Frontier, so for people who wish to avoid irradiated spices there are options.

McCormick opts instead for steam treatments, preserving more of the health benefits of their spices, although it is said that harms the taste more than radiation treatments.

While the McCormick spice company isn’t perfect, it is admirable that they are taking these steps, so it is truly great to see one of the world’s largest corporations get with the times and provide its customers with quality organic products.

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