The Shape of Your Fingertips Describes Intimate Aspects of Your Character ???

It looks like there is much more written on our fingers and hands as we thought before.

For example, the length of the little finger indicates what kind of person you are on the loving plan, and the lines on the palms say more about your life, love and happiness.

But this is not all, the form of the fingerprints says more about your character then you ever thought.

The Shape of Your Fingertips Describes Intimate Aspects of Your Character ???

Type A

You like to cover your feelings and act melancholic?
You look strong, cool and independent, which is not true.
You are one of those emotional people who is good everyone around him.
You don’t like lies, cheating and hypocrisy You are original and arrogant person.
You are openhearted and willing to help
You tend to finish the tasks that you don’t want to do You like to smiling and you are willing to use every opportunity to smile, even when it is not that funny
You cannot hide your thoughts
You aren’t communicative with the people you don’t know well, but you know to be very emotional and openhearted with the ones you know well.

Type B

You never make the first step towards friendship with someone
You are one of those loyal friends and persons. When you are in love with someone, you will do everything to make this person happy and satisfied
You don’t look like sensitive person, but in fact you are very sensitive since you always protect someone’s feelings
You put maximum effort in your tasks, finishing them effective and completely without delays
You look like you are a loner, but this is so untrue. This is because you are afraid of being hurt by someone Sometimes you feel upset by some situation, but you can stay calm and get through the situation easily Other people know you like strong and independent person who speaks sharply, but you are also a soft-hearted person that is very vulnerable from the inside You like to imagine various things.
You always look for some person who can love you and support you in everything you do.

Type C

Surprising you is not a hard thing to do
You can leave behind the things that makes you mad and you don’t like to hold an aversion You always tend to avoid challenges and some things and experiences that are unknown to you
You respect other people and their opinions Sometimes you are clingy and your ego is growing when you are part of some argue, but still you tend to apologize first
You keep your problems only for yourself You never pretend as a good person and you always take what is yours and leave what isn’t
You like to prove that people can trust you and lean on you You are soft-hearted and have the ability to forgive very quickly.
You cannot live with the fact that you are angry with someone for too long

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