110 – Year – Old Man Reveals The 5 Foods Responsible For His Flawless Health !!!

A man named Bernardo LaPallo is over 110 years old, although most would think he is younger. Like many living to be his age, LaPallo credits his long life with eating a lot of organic fruit and vegetables, while avoiding other foods like the plague. He especially recognizes these 5 foods, a secret passed down to him by his father which he believes is the key to his longevity. Watch the following video to see what he has to say.

What are the 5 foods?

 110 – Year – Old Man Reveals The 5 Foods Responsible For His Flawless Health !!!

1. Garlic

– It is one of the healthiest foods on Earth. If you aren’t already a fan of garlic, you will definitely load up your kitchen with this food after you read about its benefits. Garlic is loaded with lots of healthy nutrients and it can provide many health benefits, like cancer prevention, detoxifies the body, treat ailments such as toothache or cough. This is the reason why you need to consume garlic every day.

2. Honey

– loaded with healthy nutrients, honey can provide many health benefits. This wonderful and super healthy bee-product has lots of good properties, such as: antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties – which make it one of the most beneficial foods for human consumption.

3. Canela

– Cinnamon contains high amounts of fiber, manganese and calcium. Cinnamon has been used for thousands of years as a spice flavor and medicine, and has left its mark on many crops. You should also know that cinnamon can be especially useful in helping diabetes, cancer prevention, arthritis and detention.

4. Chocolate

– you should know that the real, unadulterated form of chocolate, derivative from the Theobroma cacao tree is a super food sent from heaven that can keep us healthy even when we indulge in its delectable taste. The real chocolate is full with plant-derived flavones, full of anti-inflammatory constituents, antioxidants and health-boosting ingredients that do lots of amazing things for our minds and bodies.

5. Olive oil

– olive oil contains high amounts of beneficial fats that keep both the heart and the brain healthy, preventing risk of cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline.

Note: you shouldn’t forget that lifestyle still remains the most important factor in defining not only how long you will live, but also the quality of your long life.

 110 – Year – Old Man Reveals The 5 Foods Responsible For His Flawless Health !!!

Here are 8 Other Longevity Secrets

– Engage in daily exercises for both your physical and mental health.
– Take less salt, eat fruits and veggies with fibers and antioxidants to detoxify your body.
– Don’t over eat, you can practice the hara hachi bu, simply put it means; eight parts out of ten full.
– Eat foods rich in vitamin E.
– Green tea health benefits are amazing,are herbal tea part of your daily dietary plan.
– If you feel tired take a nap or siesta. You will feel energised and refreshed afterwards and you will improve your cardiovascular health.
– Eat leafy green veggies they are full of vitamins and minerals that are essential to good health.
– Reduce stress by just trying to unwind and relax.

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