NEW: Meet The Man Who Healed 5000 People From Cancer in 90 Days – Video !

While many people consider marijuana harmful, Rick Simpson used it to heal over 5,000 individuals suffering from cancer. And this person used just one (forbidden) ingredient.

Rick Simpson used the ingredient, which most people think it’s dangerous and harmful. He used marijuana.

As we all know, and as Simpson stated as well marijuana has been used for centuries in the medical field and is believed to cure many diseases, including diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, arteriosclerosis, epilepsy, and others.

This man is a mechanical engineer and a self-though physician, who has tried this remedy himself 12 years ago, when he suffered from the most severe skin cancer type. As he stated for Telegraph, cannabis is the best cure on the planet which is able to heal you.

NEW:  Meet The Man Who Healed 5000 People From Cancer in 90 Days – Video !

After several unsuccessful operations on three lesions on his face skin in 2002, Simpson was told that he hasn’t much more time left. His lesions were reappearing after a certain period. One day, while Simpson was looking at his scars, he remembered about a study on the THC effects on cancer, as he studies herbs as a hobby.

The very moment he started using previously made cannabis oil. He applied some of the oil on his wounds and then he covered them with bandages. After four days, his skin was pink again and most importantly without the wound. Although he shared his story with many people, they just laughed at him and didn’t believe him. But now, after 11 ½ years, his cancer has never returned.

One of the most challenging patients he has encountered was an 80-year old man with lung cancer, who only had 7 days to live. As a last option, he was introduced to Simpson to see if he could help.

The old man was covered in body wounds and was severely swelling. He was also experiencing harsh breathing, due to his final stage lung cancer.

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Simpson recommended treatment with cannabis oil, but when the man’s son visited his father’s doctor, his idea was not surprisingly refused. However, the son gave his father cannabis oil on his own, and believe it or not, his father started breathing normally after just half an hour.

The old man was said that his vital functions will return before death, but his son checked him out of the hospital and made sure he didn’t take any prescribed medicine for 24 hours. The old man continued using cannabis oil, and after a period of 6 weeks, his need for insulin was gone, whereas in 3 months his cancer was gone. Simpson says that age is not a factor in the therapy with cannabis oil.

Since Simpson needed raw marijuana for the treatment, he started cultivating it.

NEW:  Meet The Man Who Healed 5000 People From Cancer in 90 Days – Video !

The police has raided his fields four times in a period of three years. As he states, if someone in North America publically states that he is capable of curing cancer, s/he will be threatened with 5 to 40 years prison. However, Simpson has spent only four days in prison, and in 2005 he was sentenced for cultivating, owning, and selling marijuana. He managed to get out with a $2000 fine, but the police threatened him with twelve years in prison.

Simpson explains that the jurors were actually people whose dearest ones were cured by Simpson’s cannabis oil, and that has hurt him the most. They didn’t permit doctors of patients to testify, as well as Simpson to show documentation about the effects of cannabis oil. As Simpson explains, people in North America are brainwashed by cannabis oil, unlike those in Europe.

Simpson was disappointed by everything. He has never sold weed in his life, but he has gave it away to ill people and shared his recipe on There are many fake oils on the markets advertised as Rick Simpson’s oil. However, his specific treatment consists of few drops of the oil, three times daily. As he explains, the preparation of this oil is quicker than that of a coffee.

Still, Simpson shared some tips on how to use the cannabis oil accordingly. He uses only a few drops of cannabis oil, three times a day. According to Simpson, to produce cannabis oil is faster than making a cup of coffee.

The amount of cannabis oil used in his treatment is 60 grams, used for 90 days. Age, sex and ethnicity have nothing to do with starting the oil treatment and getting better.

Simpson further explains that although many people might now know, cannabis had been used as one of the most efficient remedies hundreds of years before Christ. It was number one healing herb in the ancient Persian religious scripts. He states that all people have the right for this free medicine provided by nature, which was taken from them by medical gangsters.

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