He Burns Coffee Grounds in His Backyard. The Reason? GENIUS!

A summer’s eve outdoor barbecue can quite easily become a battle ground between man and insect with these annoyingly tenacious bugs making themselves a complete and utter nuisance.

The sad thing is these bugs spread harmful diseases which if left untreated can be fatal. They transmit diseases such as malaria and even Zika virus.

He Burns Coffee Grounds in His Backyard. The Reason? GENIUS!

We try to use a different commercial repellants to protect ourselves, but they have a lot of negative effects for our health.

But, there is a smooth solution for this issue – coffee grounds.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), coffee grounds act as an extremely efficient, natural bug repellent. They will keep you safe from mosquitoes, bees and wasps.

When coffee grounds are burnt they irritate mosquitoes as the smell is quite strong and this disturbs the mosquitos’ sense of smell to the point that they just cannot fly around the burnt coffee grounds.

How do you use them?

All you should do is take fresh or used coffee grounds, put them in a bowl and cover it with aluminum foil. When the grounds dry, place them in your garden and burn them.

This method of repelling mosquitoes is cost effective and environmentally friendly, it is also safe for you and your family.

Want to see the trick in action? Check out this video!

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