He Stacks Coins On His Laptop And Leaves Them For A Few Hours. How Could We Not Think Of This Before?

It wasn’t so long ago that desktop computers we the pinnacle of modern technology, they were the latest advancement and people couldn’t imagine where technology could go from there. In such a short time, we developed laptops, then smartphones, tablets, phablets and it seems that there’s no telling in which direction we’ll go from there. The possibilities are endless and they’re beyond our imagination.

But still, even though we find every innovation more useful than the one before, it seems that that as we progress everything becomes more delicate and fragile. This is especially true about laptops, their battery gets weaker and weaker the more we use it, the chargers start malfunctioning and they overheat and turn off so often that it’s really annoying. There’s nothing more unnerving than your laptop turning off in the middle of your unfinished work, it can really make your life difficult. And this happens so often, especially in the summer, when the temperatures are high.

But, as problems appear, they also disappear with smart engineering. If you also have an overheating problem with your laptop, don’t worry, there’s an awesome trick for that!

If you look at a heat chart from an overheated laptop you can easily notice the problem, all the heat is focused on one place, around your CPU, and it’s no wonder it automatically turns off.

Akinori Suzuki, a Japanese singer, was facing this problem as well and he just couldn’t handle it any more. He decided to look up for some alternative solutions, if there were any, and resolve his problem for good. He found an amazing and genius trick which you can all start practicing as well.


All you have to do is to take a pile of coins and stack them above your keyboard!

The best types of coins for this are copper coins, which in the USA are pennies, but if you live in another country you should look for ones that do the job best. Copper is the best metal for dissipating heat and that’s why it’s ideal for this. Just line them up above the keyboard and they’ll start absorbing the heat, and your problem will be resolved.



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