When it comes to energy drinks everyone knows they’re unhealthy and loaded with health-hazardous ingredients. Simply the caffeine they contain is so high that drinking more than one a day can result in cardiac arrest even in teens. Then we have the high sugar material which has actually been connected to an increased risk of cancer.

For bodybuilder Dean Wharmby drinking energy drinks led to a regrettable ending and his story need to serve as a lesson to us all.


His dietary routine included 10,000 calories a day, drinking 7-8 energy drinks a day typically, and consuming primarily fatty foods. He even took steroids to bulk up and get the much wanted 6 pack. Regrettably, Wharmby’s health routines finally caught up to him. He passed away of liver cancer at only 39 years of age.

The cherry on top of the cake must have been the steroids, which in combination with the unhealthy diet led to an abrupt ending. Unaware of exactly what it did to his overall health he was just thinking about getting the perfect body while it was dying on the inside.

The worse part about this story is that it’s neither the first nor the last we’ve become aware of.

More than 184.000 people have actually lost their lives on account of the high caffeine, high sugar beverages since 2010. The high content of caffeine in these energy drinks has actually been known to cause cardiovascular disease even in teenagers, after drinking more than one energy consume a day.

On top of the high caffeine material, the high sugar content increases the cancer danger for those who consume these beverages on a daily basis.

According to specialists a sugar molecule discovered in the flesh of beef, lamb, and pork might activate an immune reaction in human beings that triggers swelling, which eventually results in tumor growth.

That single sugar molecule, called Neu5Gc, has been found in high levels in malignant tissues, however it is not produced naturally in the body. However the majority of the other animals produce it so it’s not incorrect to assume that it’s reached our body through our diet.

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