Meet The Essential Oil That Could Stop Cancer In Its Tracks!!!

Certain essential oils have power agents that help in stopping the spread of cancer. They induce cancerous cells so that they shut themselves down. These essential oils and their agents have even been recognized and acknowledged by scientists. The disease-prevention power of essential oils are now clearer than ever, more specifically against cancer.

If you have a healthy body, your body frequency will range 62-78 MHz. The frequency for a disease is 58Hz. Tests involving body frequency and essential oil frequency has found that when a man held a cup of coffee, his frequency reduced from 66 Hz to 58 MHz within 3 seconds. It was not until 3 days later that the man’s body frequency returned to the normal level.

There have been a number of other studies too. According to them you should avoid negative thoughts because they can reduce your frequency by an average of 12 MHz.

On the other hand, positive thoughts help in increasing your frequency by 10 MHz on average.

Meet The Essential Oil That Could Stop Cancer In Its Tracks!!!

Researchers have studied ginger, mint, lemon, jasmine, grapefruit, lavender, thyme, chamomile, cinnamon, and rose , which are some of the most popular essential oils nowadays, and they found out the way these oils can fight cancer. For that purpose, they used antibacterial potency tests and in vitro toxicology against cancer cell lines in humans.

Calibrated Frequency Monitor (CFM) was developed by Bruce Tanio of Tainio Technology and head of the Department of Agriculture at the University of Eastern Washington, and its purpose is to measure the essential oils’ frequency and their influence on human frequencies once they are applied on human body. This frequency in relation to cancer has been also studied in Essential Oils laboratory with the help of a CFM.

The immunologist Mahmoud Suhail explains that the beginning of the cancer occurs when the DNA code within the nucleus of the cell becomes corrupted. It turns out that some essential oils have ability to inform the cell about the right DNA code.

Must Be Therapeutic Grade

There are plenty of essential oils being sold, however most are of poor quality, synthetically produced and diluted with alcohol and other additives. To be effective only 100% pure therapeutic grade quality essential oils must be used, otherwise you will not obtain the health benefits and in addition you need to change the combination every week with the right proportions of each of the oils.

Robert O. Becker, M.D., the author of the book, The Body Electric validates that the human body has an electrical frequency and that much about a person’s health can be determined by it. Nikola Tesla said that if you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease. Dr. Otto Warburg was a two-time Nobel Laureate and winner of the Nobel Prize for cancer research, for discovering that human cells have an electrical voltage.

Beyond a doubt, certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and other frequencies would destroy diseases. Substances of higher frequency will destroy diseases of lower frequency.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils begin at 52 and go as high as 320 MHz! For example: Rose 320 MHz, Helichrysum 181 MHz, Frankincense 147 MHz, Ravensara 134 MHz, Lavender 118 MHz, Myrrh 105 MHz, German Camomile 105 MHz, Juniper 98 MHz, Sandalwood 96 MHz, Angelica 85 MHz, Peppermint 78 MHz

Healing Abilities

Cinnamon, thyme, chamomile and jasmine oils can kill off cancer cells up to 93% in vitro. Thyme oil represented itself as most beneficial of them all because it kill 97% rate of the MCF- 7 breast cancer cells.

Industrial Crops and Products journal published as study in which was said that chamomile oil owns powerful antioxidant properties. 11 oils were included in the study, lavender, thyme, winter savory, rosemary, sage, peppermint, French tarragon, bitter and sweet fennel. Roman chamomile had the highest antioxidant activity.

Meet The Essential Oil That Could Stop Cancer In Its Tracks!!!

Frankincense Oil – powerful cancer destroyer

Suhail said that Frankincense closes down the nucleus to stop reproducing corrupted DNA codes. Due to its monoterpenes compounds which have power to help eradicate cancerous cells this oils is effective.

Also they stop their further development and progression stages so, they are ideal against cancer no matter of when it is discovered. The treatment for Cancer can be upgraded by working with frankincense.

We all know that chemotherapy besides cancer kills also the healthy cells and weakens the patient. While on the other hand this oil kills off just the infected ones and leaves the healthy ones untouched. Dr. Suhail also mentioned that there are 17 active ingredients inside the frankincense oil.

At the Budwig Center many powerful stories were shared of individuals who suffered from cancer and other degenerative diseases. Essential oils were present during their experience.

Terminal Liver Cancer

One man in Long Beach was diagnosed with liver cancer, which was reportedly too big to be removed. His wife explains that the doctors gave him 6 months to live. She heard about the 100% pure frankincense oil, so her husband begun applying it under his tongue and topically over his liver on a daily basis. His tumors were significantly shrank at the next visit to his doctors, so he continued to use it.

In April, the doctors finally agreed to remove his tumor surgically as it was dramatically shrank. His cancer was taking ¾ of his liver, and it was successfully removed. Today, his health is well and he is enjoying life like any other man.

Brain Cancer in 5-year Old Girl

This little girl with brain cancer applied just 1 drop of this essential oil, alternated with 1 drop of sandalwood oil to the bottom of her feet, simultaneously with lavender oil to her wrist. The girl is now in excellent health.

Bladder Cancer

When Jackie Hogan was diagnosed with a rare bladder cancer, she was informed by doctors that she’d eventually need to have her bladder removed. She discovered the healing abilities of frankincense oil, which University of Oklahoma researchers have found, especially in conjunction with sandalwood oil, has properties that kill off cancer cells. So effective is the frankincense oil that experts say, “Frankincense essential oil may represent a candidate on a growing list of natural compounds selectively eradicating cancer cells.”

Lung Stage 4 – metastasis to spine, bones, ribs, pelvis, hips

The malignant tumors in Bebe’s mom’s lungs had spread to her bones, ribs, spin, hips, shoulders and pelvis. After 4 months of using essential oils, the disease cells were dying at a fast rate. After 7 months of being told she wouldn’t survive her stage IV, the doctors found her to be free from cancer and in good health.

According to Bebe, you should take frankincense freely after 2 to 3 hours. It should be used topically over the area and your feet’s bottom. You should also put lots of drops under your tongue too.

Bone Marrow Degeneration

After 3 months of being diagnosed with polyscithemiarubravera and bone marrow degeneration, Ellen’s blood tests showed big improvements. She stopped the last 2 phlebotomies of the last 3.

Breast Cancer

Frankincense helped in shrinking my breast tumor. When the time for my surgery came, they failed to find any signs of cancer. I was putting lemongrass and frankincense daily on my breast along with herbal supplements. When I went for my 6-month check-up last month, they said there was nothing wrong. There was no cancer. I would never have radiation or chemo for their side effects.

Cervical Cancer

I received phone call from my good friend that her sister’s cervical cancer returned for the second time. Her uterus removal surgery was scheduled for today. My friend sent her frankincense and wintergreen. She applied them at her feet’s bottom every 3-4 hours and also on the abdomen. Today they were unable to find the cancer when she went for the surgery. It was less than a month she started using the treatment.


A man tells about his nephew whose leukemia came back for the second time. The boy was using both, chemo and essential oils, and he went into remission much faster than the opinion of his doctors, without experiencing the horrible side-effects from the chemo.


One man was struggling with throat degeneration which metastasize to other parts of his body. He began using the frankincense oil and natural remedies last October, and now he is considered as a real miracle as he went from an MRI.


A guy shares a story about his friend who had pancreatic degeneration, said to have only 3 to 4 weeks life. He begun taking 3 drops of frankincense oil, 1 drop of each of the following oils: lavender, sandalwood, lemongrass, and natural remedies, and now after 8 months, he is in perfect health.


One person tells the happy news he received one morning, when his friend told him that he is completely clear of his prostate cancer, after treating it with essential oils for about 3 to 4 months.

Basal cell

One man had Basal cell carcinoma which had gone through his nostril’s thickness, so his oncologist recommended removing large section of the nostril, all the way down to his upper lip and about 1 cm into his cheek. The man started using the essential oils, along with increasing his water intake, eliminating sugar from his everyday diet, and consuming more raw foods. In a period of several weeks, it appeared closed, without weeping, and the redness around the area began disappearing. After 6 weeks, the treated side of his nose looked perfectly healthy. This happened 15 months ago, and up till now, he is in good health.


From a routine eye exam in February 2013, the doctor told the person the growth over the eye is a form of skin degeneration: basil cell cancer. After the news, Dermatologist was the second place of visitation in which few spots was removed from the face, neck and back.

This not so good experience was the reason why this person started seeking safer way for removal. A little bit of reading brought to this person knowledge about the essential oils which are useful for skin cancer and are less invasive that dermatologist.

This person applied 3 times daily, 2 drops of Frankincense oil under the tongue in the morning and night. The first week after applying it internally and topically no results were spotted.

The second week for example, it was getting smaller and during the third week the spot started to ooze a bit and it was getting even smaller.

The fifth week was even much smaller and formed a scab. In the 6th week, the scab fell off while this person was washing its face. After only six months, from gigantic spot, it reduced to size of a pin head and fell off all thanks to frankincense essential oil.


In the morning and night one woman applied frankincense oil covered with a band aid. In just three days the mole had shrunk. During the 5th day it bled and then half of it fell off. Day 7 came and it was gone.

After a few more days the pink scar due to it was also gone. Her husband used to have stage 4 malignant melanoma which was removed from his back a year ago and another one came up on his nose.

They were using radiation before essential oils then. It grown back after that and they started using essential oils. He used lavender frankincense mixture and Immortelle on the melanoma and soon it was gone.

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