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An aura is an emanation of energy surrounding one’s body, and it differs throughout time depending on experiences and circumstances of each individual. In short, it’s generally one’s essence, and can apparently be captured utilizing something called Kirlian photography, or electrophotography. While lots of people concern the research study of auras as pseudo-scientific and unverified, it’s still a really popular activity nonetheless, and can assist you determine your strengths and weak points in your very own energy field.

CHECK OUT : What Color Is Your Aura???



The primary qualities of those with a predominantly yellow aura are intelligence, reasoning, and quick-witted. They think with their heads, not their hearts, and can rapidly put their feelings aside to handle problems that develop. They can in some cases work themselves too hard, nevertheless, as they are high achievers who flourish on reaching their goals. Individuals with a yellow aura love to hang out alone, though they don’t feel lonely. They don’t have many friends since they choose them carefully, however they like and adore their close circle of companions dearly. Individuals with a yellow aura crave extremely intelligent conversations; they do not do well with little talk. The main weak point of these people, nevertheless, is that they can in some cases be too judgmental of themselves and others.

  • RED

As you may have guessed, people with a red aura have a fiery, spirited nature, and can not be tamed easily. They like flexibility, adventure, and excitement, and get tired rapidly. People with a red aura have a high level of confidence in all areas of life, and do not usually experience mental or physical illnesses. They like sports and doing anything active, and have an extremely competitive nature. They are natural born leaders, and don’t like individuals informing them what to do. They are open, honest people, and won’t hide anything from you. They get straight to the point. The only drawback to people with a red aura is that their need to rise to the top may burn some bridges on their path.

  • PINK

Individuals with a pink aura have a very generous, sweet, approachable energy. They provide love freely, and are a hopeless romantic. They also are empaths, with an exceptional psychic capability and imaginative talents. Individuals with this color aura are idealists, that makes it difficult for them to see the world as it is. They desire to alter it in some way, and seem like it’s their mission in life to do so. Much like people with red auras, people with pink auras are very sincere, and provide everybody a sporting chance. However, they require to learn how to stand up for themselves, due to the fact that individuals tend to stroll all over them due to their gentle nature.


If you have a green aura, then you have an undeviating love for the outdoors, and consider yourself a true nature lover. You likewise most likely have a high level of health consciousness, and put only the most nutritious foods into your body. You keep your feet securely planted on the ground, and don’t sync with pie-in-the-sky ideals. You have an useful, reasonable technique to life, and make sure to keep yourself and your home polished and easily. You also delight in safety and stability, and do not like a lot of changes taking place in your life. However, sometimes you can be too rigid in your method to life, so attempt going with the flow more.


People with an orange aura enjoy the spotlight, and do not delight in being alone too typically. They are charismatic, amusing, loud people, and constantly appear to be the focal point. On the opposite end of that, however, they have an inherent ability to notice other’s emotions, and care deeply for how individuals feel. Due to their enthusiastic nature, they can sometimes lose their mood, but will quickly say sorry if they have actually been out of line. People with an orange aura are confident, approachable, and amiable, however can in some cases make rash decisions and let their rashness get the finest of them.


This color signifies terrific psychic capabilities, and high level of sensitivity to emotions and energies. Individuals with a purple aura have a mystical, peaceful nature, and ponder all the huge concerns in life. They never ever stop exploring, and love to learn more about brand-new subjects. They live a lot inside their own minds, however they have a beautiful soul. Individuals with this color aura tend to spend a lot of time in nature and with other animals, as they feel misconstrued by most people. They do not have lots of friends, however they love and treasure the ones they do have. Often, individuals benefit from their open, loving nature, so people with this aura have to do a lot of self-care to protect their energy.

  • BLUE

Having this color aura is rather rare, but it represents strength in communication and a bold personality. As you might have guessed, this aura represents a calm, gentle nature, therefore these individuals make fantastic peacemakers and solvers of problems. They can smooth things over quickly in an argument, and have an honest, extremely eloquent way of talking with people. These people appear to have the perfect balance of thinking and sensation, and always state the best thing at the best time. Nevertheless, they can sometimes take on too much work and not make sufficient time for their relationships.

  • GOLD

People with a gold aura have a love for all things gorgeous and sophisticated in life. They grow on being the center of attention, and have a really active social life. They love to host celebrations, captivate people, and simply delight in life in the moment. They have a strong independent streak, and do not like asking for anyone’s assistance or suggestions. These people can sometimes discover as shallow due to their lavish tastes, however they just take pleasure in providing people nice things, and embellishing their living area with them also.


Highly gifted, and flexible in all locations of life, individuals with this aura can adjust completely to any scenario. It’s almost like they can mold themselves into whatever they require to be, and they master lots of various areas of life. They bring in success left and right, and normally make extremely great leaders and instructors. Individuals are drawn to them due to the fact that of both their inner and external beauty, however individuals with this aura need to make sure not to let this get to their head.


Individuals with a light or dark brown aura tend to be lost souls, searching for their place in life. They may fall back into bad practices, and have a negative self-image. They tend to focus a lot on other individuals’s defects, that they forget to address and repair their own.


Black points to obstructions in the energetic field. It can also represent deep, unresolved concerns, depression, anger, rage, stagnation, dissatisfaction, or any other negative feeling.

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CHECK OUT : What Color Is Your Aura???

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