Experts have discovered that mosquitoes love 4 kinds of people…

We all understand someone (possibly ourselves) who seems to be a preferred target for mosquitoes. For some mysterious factor, they draw in these little critters like no one else.
It ends up that there’s a reason why they bite some individuals more than others. Health professionals think that mosquitoes are brought in to certain kinds of individuals. Here are the 4 aspects that identify whether you may be among them.

Experts have discovered that mosquitoes love 4 kinds of people...

1. Pregnancy

Mosquitoes are drawn in to the co2 that people produce when they breathe. Pregnant women produce more co2, which suggests that mosquitoes can pay unique attention to them. It deserves remembering this considering the level to which the Zika virus currently presents a genuine threat to children.

2. Workout

You should not be shocked to find that mosquitoes will assault with particular aggression after you’ve finished a jog or some other type of workout. They’re attracted to lactic acid, which is produced in large amounts in your muscles when the latter undergo physical pressure.

Experts have discovered that mosquitoes love 4 kinds of people...

3. Consuming alcohol

Specialists have found that heat-producing drinks make us more appealing to mosquitoes. In particular, alcohol raises our body temperature and mosquitoes zero in on our warm bodies.

4. Type O blood

Research suggests that the probability of a mosquito biting someone with type O blood is 83%. Individuals with type A blood are least likely to be bitten by mosquitoes.
So if you discover yourself in one of these danger groups, it may be time to stockpile on mosquito repellent!

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