5 Things Manipulators Say To Make You Feel Crazy …

Manipulators are often so amazing at what they do, you don’t see them coming and you don’t even recognize when you’re being used, until it’s too late. Those who make a habit out of manipulating others will go to great lengths to get the results they want, regardless of who they’re hurting in the process.

In order to protect yourself from being manipulated and lied to, take note of these five key phrases manipulators say to make you feel crazy:

 5 Things Manipulators Say To Make You Feel Crazy ...


1. “You’re Misunderstanding Me.”

When a manipulator feels close to being caught, they’ll turn the tables to create a sense of doubt. By telling you that you’re the one who’s confused, they’re shifting the focus to your own self-doubt. Manipulators thrive on creating negative emotions. They feel joy when someone else is confused or upset. If a manipulator uses this phrase on you, be confident that you’re not the one who is confused. Replay exactly what was said or done, to understand the manipulator’s intent.


This phrase is a close cousin to the first. The purpose here, again, is to create a sense of doubt and/or confusion. The primary difference in this phrase is that it is a direct attack on our mental faculties. Yes, you read that right…it is a direct attack. One doesn’t call another person crazy, illogical, irrational, etc. for any other reason than to hurt them.

It doesn’t matter the tone in which this phrase is uttered; it’s the context. Indeed, manipulators may sound detached when saying this in order to make it sound less personal. Make no mistake: it is personal. It is hurtful. It is purposeful. It requires a swift and direct response.


No one wants to be manipulated, lied to or used. But telling you that you’re too sensitive allows the manipulator to create a sense of doubt, causing you to question yourself. Even if you are sensitive, it doesn’t give them an excuse for how they’ve treated you. The truth is, sensitive people often fall prey to manipulators because they care and are kind to others. If you know you’re on the sensitive side, be especially careful to avoid people with the wrong intentions.


Yes, they do. In fact, serial manipulators thrive on it, they just do so in a different way. Generally speaking, manipulators don’t express drama in the physical sense. They don’t shrug their shoulders, sigh heavily, or speak loudly. They prefer to “go about their business” of manipulating others in subtle, less obvious ways.

The point here is that the victim is, once again, forced to examine their actions. Are they being dramatic? Are they making too much out of too little? No and no. Sadly, many people on the receiving end of a manipulators antics are more than willing to admit to wrongdoing when they have absolutely no reason to do so.

5. “You’re Overthinking.”

Manipulators are good at what they do. Just when you think you’ve caught them, they’ll tell you that you’re overthinking the situation, and you might just believe them. This is another method that manipulators use to create self-doubt. As tough as it may be to spot a manipulator, someone who truly loves you or cares for you will not exhibit these manipulative traits. If your gut tells you something is off, trust yourself enough to listen!

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