NEW: Woman Gives Up Coca-Cola, Loses 112 Pounds …

A British woman who consumed 4 liters of Coca-Cola a day lost almost half her body weight after giving up the drink, according to a report.

Sarah Turner, 27, of Kingstanding, Birmingham, shed 112 pounds and dropped eight dress sizes after ditching sugar — 424 grams’ worth daily, Caters News reported.

NEW: Woman Gives Up Coca-Cola, Loses 112 Pounds ...

The mom of three still doesn’t eat fruit and veggies, though.

“I was most definitely addicted to Coke. I could just drink
it all day and not think about the effect it has on my body,”she told the press.

She went on to add that, “I was always tired and had no energy to do anything,” which doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Just last month a frightening info-graphic detailing the route of the drink’s sugar through your body over the span of an hour went viral. Just 20 minutes after drinking a can of the beverage, the sugar from the Coke is already being processed by your body and turned into fat.

She used to weigh 245 pounds and is now down to 126 as she follows the diet, which allows her to eat potatoes, baked beans and protein-filled food.

Turner currently follows the Slimming World weight-loss program. On the diet, she has cut out sugar completely—starting with the carbonated drink—and makes smarter choices, eating things like potatoes, baked beans and foods rich in protein.

A spokesman for Coca-Cola Great Britain told Caters News that “all of our drinks can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle” – noting the options of Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero.

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