What Do The Shape of Your Eyes Reveal About Your Personality?

The moment you interact with someone, you look into the eyes. Eyes are most expressive element of personality, tell a lot about you and are considered mirror of the soul. It could be very interesting to know light and fun look at what the shape, color and ‘look’ of your eyes actually say about you.

While to some people, eyes look like nothing more than colorful balls that allow them to see the world, but to others, eyes truly reflect one’s soul. Below, we will go over what the size, shape, color, slant, and even distance between the eyes reveals about your personality.

 What Do The Shape of Your Eyes Reveal About Your Personality?


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If your eyes are bigger than the rest of your facial features, you have big eyes. They not only look appealing but also are the mark of someone who is receptive to the conscious and subconscious. You have an open mind and approachable personality. It is easy to open up to people like these. They are warm and welcoming.

You are precise and love details and observant and love to gain expertise over matters that interest you. You are farsighted and focused. You don’t trust people easily and can often be misunderstood as cold and arrogant.


If you have almond-shaped eyes, then you have a certain mystique and exotic flair. You have great compassion for others, and have the ability to remain calm in almost any situation. However, you can also let your wary nature keep you from doing fun things in life, so remember to sometimes take chances and not think about the details so much. You also are very observant, and have a balanced outlook on life. You have a warmth about you that just makes people want to get to know you.

The round eye is highly curved upper and lower lids. They are emotional, speak their minds easily, intense mood swings and tend to be dramatic. They are usually quite eye-catching to the opposite sex, sociable, impulsive, artistic, charming and creative to be happy.


People who have close set eyes are staunch believers in customs, history and traditions. They respect the old world beliefs and can sometimes be very stubborn. They are focused and hard working but can be very resistant, even stressed because of even little changes in their lives.

You are extremely adventurous and experimental. You love trying out the latest trends, be it fashion or lifestyle. You love freedom and cannot easily stick to a routine. You find love and success in areas where there is a lot of freedom and liberty allowed.

If your eyes fall somewhere in the middle of these two categories, then you have a balanced approach to life.


Prominent eyes look as though they bulge out, and protrude from the eye socket. On the other hand, deep-set eyes have a more sunken appearance.

People with prominent eyes have great sensitivity and a friendly nature, but they tend to worry a lot. They like to stick with a close group of friends and family, as their warm-hearted nature makes it easy for them to maintain close relationships. They tend to lean toward pessimism, although most people find them highly approachable and relatable.

People with deep-set eyes tend to hide much of themselves underneath the surface. They have a mysterious, brooding nature, and can seem intense and private. They love to observe their environment and often live inside their heads. They have a romantic streak, however, and will get to know you on a very deep level.


Ambitious and witty, determined and focused. You like to achieve what you have set your eyes on! Your company is fun and interesting as you are a great conversationalist, but people may see you as an opportunist and maybe slightly selfish.

You have a closed circle of friends, you don’t trust easily and can get pessimistic. Your self-confidence is dwindling and is easily dominated. You can’t say NO easily and can get very needy and brooding. However, you make friends for a lifetime.

We bet you didn’t know how deep a window can your eyes be! Search deeper and the biggest mysteries of mankind will unravel themselves for you!

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