You Are Not Fat! Your Stomach Is Bloated And Here Is How To Get Rid Of It!

There is nothing attractive about a bloated belly that resembles a huge balloon that is about to explode.

Not to mention all the gases and discomfort. Bloating is common after heavy meals, but for some people it is a normal part of their everyday life.

Bloating and gas are usually related to what and how you eat, so there are a few simple changes that may help.

 You Are Not Fat! Your Stomach Is Bloated And Here Is How To Get Rid Of It!

Here are the 5 most important things that lead to bloating and how to solve it:

1. Constipation

If you frequently experience constipation you need to start consuming more fibers and start eating healthier. Fibers will ease the constipation and eliminate bloating because the two are connected. When you’re constipated gasses get trapped behind the feces and you get bloated. You need to start introducing smaller amounts of fibers to your diet and gradually increase their amount, to avoid making the situation worse. Eliminate white bread and substitute it with whole grains, drink fruit and vegetable smoothies and eat berries.

2. Carbs

End bloating with a low-carb diet. If carbs are not properly digested, bloating occurs. Also, you can prevent this problem if you avoid starches, sugar and alcohol. You need to replace all unhealthy sweets with blended vegetables, berries and fruits.

3. Stress

Believe it or not, stress may cause bloating. When you are under stress, your digestive system fails to perform its function properly. Your bloating may be caused by constipation and stomach ache. So, try to free yourself from the negative emotions, and you will solve your problem for good.

4. Insufficient water intake

Not getting enough water and dehydration are reasons for many health ailments. Too much coffee or booze can add to this issue. Not many people get in the necessary 6-8 glasses of water per day.

Fluid retention can occur as the body isn’t getting enough water, thus causing bloat. So the answer is simply to drink enough water throughout the day!

5. Eating too fast

Chew your food and eat slowly, allowing your food to properly digest. Too fast and you’ll get bloated from slowly digested food.

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