This is Used by all Women, and it Doubles the Risk of Ovarian Cancer

All women should know that the vagina cleans itself and stop douching it because latest studies show that it increases the risk of ovarian cancer. In the past, douching has been linked to increased occurrence of vaginal infections and still 25% of women use this technique to clean their private parts. However, the latest studies show that we need to put an end to this practice because it can increase the risk of ovarian tumors.

“And while gynecologists urge women to not evaporated vagina with irrigator, they see in it a health benefit, such as hygiene,” says Joelle Brown, an epidemiologist, and adds that it’s vital to stop douching.

The journal Epidemiology conducted a study in which they had more than 41,000 female participants aged 35-74. They have been following the women since 2003, throughout Puerto Rico and the US. They were cancer-free themselves, but each of them had a sister who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

In 2014, around 150 participants had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Moreover, many of those women said they had been douching regularly one year before entering the study.

Risk of Ovarian Cancer

The connection between douching and ovarian cancer was even stronger when the researchers looked only at participants who didn’t have breast-cancer genes in their family.

Clarice Veinberg of the Environmental Health Research Institute from South Carolina says that no previous study had discovered this connection. She continues by adding that douching the vagina is completely unnecessary and that it disrupts the natural balance inside. It can cause bacterial infections and damage to the reproductive system. She’s surprised why so many women still use it even though it’s health detrimental.

It contributes to a wide range of products for the hygiene of the vagina, including various gels that promise scent of tropical fruit or a cookie.

Women who are rinsing their vagina think that it is an obligatory part of regular care when they prepare for sex when shower after sex, and all that because they heard it from their mother or their friends. They do not know that it can be harmful.

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