What The Urine Color States About Your Health …(graphic)

No one speak about urine in courteous business, however it states a lot about you. Its smell, consistency and color are all telltale signs of your way of life and well-being, varying from what you have actually been eating and consuming recently to diseases you may unknown you have.

95% of the urine is water, but the rest is complicated brew of components such as: potassium, creatinine and other dissolved ions, organic and inorganic substances, chloride, sodium and urea. As you all know, our urine is usually yellow in color which is triggered of a biochemical waste product created from the breakdown of old red blood cells called urobilin. In this article we will present you a color chart of your urine so you can understand what’s happening to your organism:

What The Urine Color States About Your Health ...

Here’s what the different color of your urine means:

1. Transparent

Colorless urine is a sign of over hydration, which can water down electrolytes in your body and cause chemical imbalance.

2. Light yellow

This is the normal color of the urine and indicates that you’re well hydrated.

3. Cloudy

If your urine has the appearance of a dirty martini, it may be a sign of bladder infection. The cloudy consistence is caused by the merging of mucus, tissues and proteins that are being broken down.

4. Medium yellow urine

This is an indication of slight dehydration and a sign that you need to increase your water intake.

5. Dark yellow urine

If your urine looks like apple juice, you need to take a glass of water right away. The same color might be caused by consuming vitamin B-rich foods.

6. Orange

Orange color urine means that there’s too much bilirubin in your body which is a by-product of old red blood cells breakdown. Orange urine color could also appear as a result of a gallstone obstructing the bile duct. It could also indicate liver disease, or appear as a result of taking some urinary tract infections medications.

7. Pink

Did you eat a great deal of beets last night? Because that might do it. But it might also be blood. “Simply a drop of blood in urine turns it pink,” says Sur. While a general practitioner might wave that off as no big deal, Sur says that any blood in the urine requires a see to the urologist, as it might be due to infection, or an early indication of bladder cancer. (It most likely isn’t really cancer, however better safe than sorry.).

8. Darker pink

This might indicate that there’s more than a little bit of blood in your urine, which might signify a potential bladder infection or cancer. Kidney stones, which about 10 percent of the United States population gets, can also trigger blood in the urine, as can less common bladder stones.

9. Dark pink

Dark pink urine means that there’s too much blood in your urine, and indicates that the bleeding has been left untreated for a while. In many cases, dark pink urine turns out to be caused by cancer, so you want to check the symptom at a doctor right away.

10. Brown

If your urine looks like Coke, it may be caused by some drugs such as chloroquine or metronidazole. Consuming fava beans or rhubarb can also be the cause, as can some liver or kidney disorders. Exercising too hard will also make your urine brown due to the excess myoglobin which leaks out into your blood stream when you push yourself too hard at the fitness center. Too much myoglobin can be dangerous, so if your urine turns brown, you need to take a myoglobin test to prevent further problems.

11. Blue/Green

Sometimes you urine can have this type of color if you are consuming a lots of foods tinted with sythetic dyes. However, it usually occurs due to the negative side-effects of certain drugs like Uribel which people use to treat UTIs. This drug contains the components called methylene blue which is the reason why your urine turns its color into blue or green. You shouldn’t be worried about this and you can continue taking your pills with great amounts of water and take pleasure in the weirdness.

To see what urine you remain in for, have a look at the full graphic below

What The Urine Color States About Your Health ...


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