DISCOVER: The Dirty Underbelly of the Dairy Industry…

Contrary to common belief, pasteurized CAFO milk is NOT more secure than raw milk from a healthy, grass-fed cow raised according to organic standards. Information reveals that diseases connected to raw milk are minimal, and far lower than those from pasteurized CAFO milk.

The factor for this relates to the unusual diet plan fed to CAFO cows. Lawn is a cow’s natural food. Corn (nearly always GMO) and other grains, which are routinely fed to CAFO animals, are not.

When cows consume grains, their body structure is modified therefore is their milk, resulting in an inferior dietary profile. Pasteurization likewise ruins many valuable nutrients– a number of which have noteworthy advantages for your food digestion and immune function.

Remarkably, cows, like humans, fed a high-grain diet plan will pass away prematurely. Lot of times a grain-fed cow’s life expectancy will be reduced by more than 50 percent. This is not typically an issue nevertheless, as the animals are compromised long prior to that time.

Pasteurized CAFO Dairy Far More Likely to Trigger Disease Than Raw Milk

The United States Centers for Illness Control and Prevention (CDC) frequently points out raw milk as a leading reason for foodborne health problem break outs and deaths. Nevertheless, if you look at the real data, you will not discover ANY deaths connected to raw milk in the United States

You can get the whole story in my previous article, “How the CDC Transformed 21 Raw Milk Diseases Into 20,000.” In the U.K., not a single case of health problem from drinking raw milk has actually been reported considering that 2002.

Meanwhile, just in 2015, ice cream from Blue Bell Creamery– the third-largest ice cream maker in the United States– sickened 10 people with listeria; three died as an outcome. The price for triggering three deaths? A simple $175,000 fine.

Raw dairy farmers have been put out of business for mere suspicion of contamination. Even in the absence of a problem of contamination, farmers and consumers are typically harassed over the purchasing and selling of raw milk.

Such holds true in Harris County, Texas, where the Farm and Cattle ranch Liberty Alliance and raw milk customers declare they’re being threatened by public health authorities despite the fact that they’re not doing anything illegal.

” Raids have actually happened at raw milk drop indicate stop customers from getting raw milk. The raw milk consumers and manufacturers are in worry of being shut down or fined by authorities.

‘ Normally, when the health department has an issue about a business, they will talk to that business and they will go through the concerns.

Exactly what’s been occurring is that they have been appearing in Katy with the sheriff’s deputies and in Austin they appeared with the authorities,’ said Judith McGeary, executive director of Farm and Cattle ranch Freedom Alliance. ‘This isn’t really how food inspections are managed generally. It is very out of line.'”.

DISCOVER: The Dirty Underbelly of the Dairy Industry...

Clearly, the attack on raw milk is focused on controlling the dairy market, NOT to conserve you from yourself, ought to you be encouraged that raw milk is a healthy food and select to go out of your way to get and consume it!

Continuous Listeria Contamination Found at Jeni’s Superb Ice Cream

In 2013, Chobani Greek yogurt was remembered following reports of intestinal disease. The yogurt, which is pasteurized and not raw, was found to be contaminated with a fungus called Murcor circinelloides.

Listeria bacteria was likewise recently found in Jeni’s Remarkable Ice Creams’ Columbus, Ohio, facility, prompting the U.S. Fda (FDA) to issue a warning letter to the company.

The same strain of listeria was discovered in samples gathered in April 2015, recommending the company is fighting with an ongoing contamination problem.

As a guideline, CAFOs are hotbeds for disease-causing bacteria that can easily end up in the end product, be it milk, cheese, yogurt or ice cream. Pasteurization is believed to eliminate off all of these germs, however truth informs a different story. Part of the issue is the sheer volume of food being processed.

All you need is for one portion of the processing plant to be polluted in order for huge amounts of food to be contaminated– and it does not matter if it’s been pasteurized or not. In the case of Jeni’s Remarkable Ice Cream, the source of the 2015 contamination was traced to a contaminated spout on one of its makers.

CAFOs also promote antibiotic-resistant disease that kills an approximated 23,000 Americans each year, courtesy of the regular usage of antibiotics to keep livestock healthy enough while stuffed together in unsanitary conditions.

However there’s yet another significant distinction in between organic grass-fed dairy farming and CAFOs, and it involves the quantity of pesticides utilized on cattle feed. Not only does it contribute to ecological devastation, however the end product might likewise consist of herbicide residues that could impact your health.

Use of Agricultural Chemicals Has actually Skyrocketed.

Pesticide-producing giants like Monsanto, Dow and Syngenta guaranteed their genetically engineered (GE) seeds (also described as genetically customized organisms or GMO) would allow farmers to minimize the quantity of poisonous chemicals used on their crops, leading to a greener, more environmentally-friendly agriculture.

The concept that chemical technology business would act versus their own self-interests by offering seeds needing less of the chemicals that are the foundation of their profit centers should have been determined as a lie from the start, however numerous purchased the sales pitch hook, line and sinker.

Today, with data showing the truth in black and white, it is high time everybody realizes that GE crops DRIVE the ever-increasing usage of harmful chemicals on our food supply, making not just our food however likewise our soil and water more harmful– a fact that, eventually, has major implications for human health and all other life on Earth.

According to a current report by the natural advocacy group Regeneration Vermont, use of herbicides and artificial fertilizers on Vermont dairy farms almost DOUBLED in between 2002 and 2012.7.

DISCOVER: The Dirty Underbelly of the Dairy Industry...

In 2002, Vermont farmers utilized 1.54 pounds of herbicide per acre. In 2012, they utilized approximately 3.01 pounds per acre.

Pounds of pesticide used per year in Vermont. Data from the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets.

Atrazine Controls on Vermont Dairy Farms

One of the most frequently utilized weed killers on Vermont dairy farms is Syngenta’s Lumax, the active ingredients of which are atrazine and metolachlor.

According to the report, as much as 80 percent of all the herbicides used in the state are atrazine-based. I just recently blogged about the serious health threats associated with atrazine, which include:

– Estrogen overproduction, which can add to the feminizing of males, reproductive problems and estrogen-sensitive cancers like breast cancer
– Ovarian cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, hairy-cell leukemia and thyroid cancer
– Abnormality, consisting of abdominal defects such as gastroschisis, where the baby’s intestines stick beyond the infant’s body

Atrazine also triggers severe reproductive damage to amphibians, fish, birds and mammals, and has been revealed to depress immune function in wildlife and lab rodents.

Herbicides Might Posture Major Risk to Our Kid

While atrazine is the most typically discovered herbicide pollutant in the U.S. supply of water, numerous other herbicide are likewise related to water contamination and position extremely comparable health risks.

” Seven of the active components in use– atrazine, simazine, acetachlor, alachlor, metolachlor, pendimethalin and glyphsate– have been connected to abnormality, developmental defects and contaminated drinking water … 5 of the chemicals have actually been banned by the European Union.”

On June 6, 2016, the United States Epa (EPA) released a brand-new risk assessment for atrazine,9 concluding the herbicide can not be utilized safely even at lower concentrations. It is presently up for public remark and is not anticipated to be finalized until 2017, however it might well result in tighter regulatory limits and potentially even an eventual restriction, based on the level of concern found.

The report, “Vermont’s GMO Legacy: Pesticides, Polluted Water and Environment Damage,” keeps in mind that using nitrogen fertilizer in Vermont has actually almost doubled as well, rising from 8.9 million pounds in 2002 to 16.5 million pounds in 2012, applied to an overall of about 92,000 acres of farmland.

Effect of GE-Fed Dairy Cows

While there are numerous issues with CAFOs, using GE feed makes everything worse. As kept in mind by Will Allen, among the founders of Regeneration Vermont and author of the report, “There is no reason to use GMO corn.” Undoubtedly, dairy farmers might go with traditional corn or, even much better, organic.

The cows would still suffer health issue because corn is not a healthy food for them, but at least this would minimize (or get rid of in the case of organic corn) the amount of hazardous herbicides polluting the environment and winding up in the milk supply. Allen mentions that the significant boost in herbicides, combined with GE seeds that are pre-treated with pesticides against bugs that aren’t even a problem, is actually irresponsible.

” Allen likewise criticizes exactly what he describes as the state’s hypocritical stance on GMO labeling,” writes.13 “While state political leaders have protected Vermont’s GMO food labeling law versus attacks … they have actually done little to effect policy that would help dairy farmers shift to natural methods …

Vermont’s GMO labeling law has actually left a misconception that it ‘fixed’ the GMO issue in the state. ‘Nothing might be even more from the fact,’ Allen writes. ‘While we are requiring the labeling of Cheetos and Spaghettios, the state disregards to GMO corn utilized to feed cows that produce milk for Agri-Mark and Ben & Jerry’s. GMOs have to do with more than a (customer’s) right to know. It’s also about the GMO influence on the environment and the monopolization of the food supply.”

Dairy Marketing Versus Reality

A recent commentary composed by Allen and Regrowth Vermont co-founders Michael Colby and Kate Duesterberg concentrates on the false front the CAFO dairy market presents to the general public:

” The excellent divide between the well-marketed picture of Vermont dairy farming and its stark and toxic realities is ending up being harder and harder to neglect. The marketing shows healthy cows grazing on lush pastures. But the reality is cows on concrete, being fed a diet of GMO-corn and the hazardous residues from the hundreds of countless pounds of herbicides sprayed every year on the corn and hay fields …

Regrowth Vermont is in the procedure of attempting to wake up customers, the corporate dairy suppliers and the regulators that these harmful toxins are probably in our milk, ice cream, cheese, butter and yogurt, and are certainly in our drinking and recreational waters. Our team believe that, in order to genuinely protect the Vermont brand by putting some truth behind it, an instant shift to regenerative natural dairying needs to be fast-tracked.”

More than 200 (about 20 percent) of the dairy farms in Vermont have currently made the transition to organic farming. This is an excellent start, but hundreds more need to follow suit. Likewise, these problems are barely limited to Vermont. Dairy farms throughout the U.S. are contributing to the damage of our environment and human health.

Organic Farming Pays

Nationwide there have to do with 2,200 natural dairy farms, the majority of which have less than 200 cows. The “get huge or get out” mentality has decreased the variety of dairy farms in the United States by 60 percent over the previous twenty years. In spite of that decline, the overall milk production has increased by one-third– an accomplishment credited to CAFOs, which typically house more than 15,000 cows and often use drugs to promote irregular boosts in milk production.

At that scale, you just can not raise cows according to organic, grass-fed standards. However, household dairy farms that decide to go organic frequently wind up profiting.

” The prices of organic milk is different from the conventional milk market … [O] rganic prices have actually so far offered much higher stability … Organic Valley is the largest natural dairy cooperative in the nation by far, with 1,800 family farm members. The cost Organic Valley farmers earn includes a good revenue …

The Dollar family [in Goodhue, Minnesota] used to farm traditionally, but made the shift to natural in order to prevent spraying chemicals on the farm … [Ruth Buck] explained that the farm has the right variety of cows (120) for the land (100 acres). ‘Whatever cancels, and you do not need to push the cows,’ she stated.”

According to Darin Von Ruden, a natural dairy farmer and president of the Wisconsin Farmers Union, organic dairy farmers generally have a revenue margin of 5 to 10 percent when first starting. As soon as established, they can make anywhere from 15 to 20 percent profit.

This is in stark contrast to traditional farms, which normally have a revenue margin of 1 or 2 percent; an especially excellent year may yield a 7 to 8 percent profit margin. The factor CAFOs are still so lucrative is their large scale. However as just gone over, all this low-cost milk comes at a horrible price.

Organic Guard dog Group Calls for Organic Merger Block

Many well-known organic brands are actually owned by international processed food purveyors– a number of which have lobbied to avoid GMO labeling and otherwise battled versus cleaner, safer food systems. Most just recently, the French dairy company Groupe Danone announced it might get WhiteWave Foods at a price of about $10 billion.

If this deal goes through, Danone-owned Stonyfield would combine with the Wallaby yogurt brand name. Danone would also wind up managing Horizon, the largest natural milk brand name in the U.S. As noted by The Cornucopia Institute, this merger is a cause for fantastic concern– so much so, Cornucopia is requiring the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to obstruct the merger.

There’s already little competition in the natural dairy market, and this merger could quickly lead to cost repairing and other issues related to monopolization. As kept in mind by Cornucopia:

” Horizon already obtains a big portion of their milk from industrial-scale dairies managing countless cows each. The Stonyfield brand has constantly depended upon family-scale farmers. That might all change after the merger.

You have to let the DOJ and the FTC know that they need to scrutinize the Danone-WhiteWave acquisition closely for anti-competitive issues in the organic dairy market and act to protect consumers, independent companies and farmers alike from monopoly control of the marketplace.”

  • Can Raw Milk Help Prevent Asthma?

As an outcome of the animals’ diet and requirement of living (being outdoors, exposed to natural sunshine, complimentary to stroll at will without the stressors of confinement and crowding and so on), top quality raw milk has lots of health advantages that pasteurized milk lacks. For instance, grass-fed raw milk contains:

– Healthy germs that benefit your gastrointestinal (GI) tract
– More than 60 digestive enzymes, growth aspects and immunoglobulins (antibodies).
– Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).
– Beneficial raw fats, amino acids and proteins in a highly bioavailable kind, all 100 percent absorbable.
– Vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K in extremely bioavailable types, and a very balanced mix of minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron), the absorption of which is improved by live lactobacilli.

Research has shown raw milk direct exposure in early childhood increases the number of regulative T-cells (Treg cells; immunosuppressive cells that regulate your body immune system), resulting in a lower threat for asthma and allergies. According to the authors:.

” Farm milk exposure was connected with increased Treg cell numbers on stimulation in 4.5-year-old kids and may induce a regulative phenotype early in life, potentially adding to a protective impact for the advancement of youth allergic diseases.”.

In another research study, released in 2015, almost 1,000 infants from backwoods in Austria, Finland, France, Germany and Switzerland were followed for the very first year of life. Their consumption of different kinds of cow’s milk was analyzed, together with rates of common breathing infections. Children who consumed raw milk had a 30 percent lower danger of respiratory infections and fever compared with those who did not drink raw milk.

Milk that was boiled at the farm had a reduced protective result, and milk that was ultra-pasteurized, which is warmed to about 135 degrees Celsius (275 degrees Fahrenheit) for a few seconds, revealed no protective impact, likely due to the fact that the protective compounds are killed or otherwise harmed by the heat.

Kids who consumed fresh, raw milk likewise had significantly lower incidence of head colds and middle-ear inflammation compared to those who drank ultra-pasteurized milk. The scientists concluded that the public health impact of minimally processed raw milk may be “enormous, given the high occurrence of breathing infections in the very first year of life and the associated direct and indirect expenses.”.

  • Where to Find Raw Milk and Healthy Yogurt

Getting your raw milk from a regional natural farm is among the best ways to ensure you’re getting top quality milk. If you’re still unsure of where to discover raw milk, have a look at Raw-Milk-Facts. com and They can inform you what the status is for legality in your state, and offer a listing of raw dairy farms in your location.

The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund likewise offers a state-by-state review of raw milk laws.

Yogurt is another dairy product that can do more damage than great if you wander off from raw grass-fed dairy as the base. To recognize the very best business yogurts available, refer to The Cornucopia Institute’s Yogurt Report and rating card. Their examination discovered many items being sold as yogurt do not even fulfill the standards genuine yogurt!

Premier yogurts are generally BARREL pasteurized at relatively low temperature levels and are made from raw milk rather than formerly pasteurized milk. While not as advantageous as making yogurt from raw milk in your very own house, it’s definitely better than the majority of commercial yogurt. As a basic guideline, you’ll wish to seek out natural yogurt made from One Hundred Percent grass-fed milk. Likewise make sure it’s made from entire (complete fat) milk, not low-fat or skim.

DISCOVER: The Dirty Underbelly of the Dairy Industry...

SAD NEWS: Home Passes DARK Act Compromise

Your home passed a compromise to the DARK Act that will require food suppliers to disclose the presence of genetically crafted (GE) ingredients with a smartphone scan code. President Obama has signed the expense that removes states’ rights for labeling GMOs. The bill is full of loopholes, which may enable genetically modified active ingredients to slip through unannounced.

Genetically customized organisms (GMOs), aka GE foods, are live organisms whose hereditary elements have actually been artificially controlled in a lab setting through creating unsteady combinations of plant, animal, germs as well as viral genes that do not happen in nature or through traditional crossbreeding techniques.

GMO proponents claim that genetic modification is “safe and advantageous,” which it advances the agricultural industry. They also say that GMOs assist ensure the global food supply and sustainability. However exists any fact to these insurance claims? I believe not. For several years, I have actually mentioned the belief that GMOs pose one of the best threats to life on earth. Genetic modification is NOT the safe and beneficial innovation that it is promoted to be.

The FDA cleared the method for GE Atlantic salmon to be farmed for human intake. Thanks to included language in the federal costs bill, the product will require special labeling so at least customers will have the capability to determine the GE salmon in shops. Nevertheless, it’s necessary ALL GE foods be identified plainly without a mobile phone scan code since not everybody owns a smart device.

The FDA is threatening the presence of our food supply. We have to begin doing something about it now. I prompt you to share this short article with loved ones. If we act together, we can make a difference and put an end to the absurdity.

Boycott Smart Labels Today

When you see the QR code or so-called Smart Label on a foodstuff, pass it by. Products bearing the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association’s (GMA) Smart Label mark remain in all possibility filled with pesticides and/or GMO active ingredients.

The GMA’s 300-plus members consist of chemical innovation business, GE seed and food and beverage companies. Monsanto, Dow and Coca-Cola are just some of the heavy-hitters in this powerful market group, which has showed no qualms about doing whatever it takes to protect the interest of its members.

Do not waste your time searching through their site, which might or might not contain the details you’re searching for. If they demand squandering your time and making your shopping challenging, why benefit them with a purchase?

An unfamiliar reality is that the GMA actually owns the “Smart Label” hallmark that Congress has actually accepted as a so-called “compromise” to on-package GMO labeling, and that’s another reason I think the Smart Label mark is the mark of those with something to conceal, such as Monsanto.

Will you financially support a corrupt, hazardous and unsustainable food system, or a healthy, regenerative one? There are numerous choices offered besides big-brand processed foods that belong to the “GMA’s verified ring of deception.” You can:.

– Shop at local farms and farmers markets.
– Only purchase products marked either “USDA 100 percent Organic” (which by law can not consist of GMOs), “One Hundred Percent Grass-Fed” or “Non-GMO Verified”.
– If you have a smartphone and you don’t mind utilizing it, download the OCA’s Buycott app to rapidly and easily determine the thousands of proprietary brand names belonging to GMA members, so you can prevent them, in addition to identify the names of ethical brand names that deserve your patronage.

Finally, encourage good business to decline QR codes and to be transparent and clear with their labeling. This will eventually guarantee that all GMO foods can easily be recognized by the GMA’s “validated ring of deception” mark that is the Smart Label.

Campbell’s, Mars, Kellogg’s, ConAgra and General Mills all swore to voluntarily adhere to Vermont’s GMO labeling law by labeling all of their foods offered across the United States Will their plans change now that the law has been passed by Congress and signed by the President? That remains to be seen, however if you like these companies, I would encourage you to connect to them and ask them to stay steadfast in their guarantee.

  • Non-GMO Food Resources by Country

If you are searching for non-GMO foods, here is a list of relied on websites you can visit.

– Organic Food Directory (Australia).
– Consume Wild (Canada).
– Organic Explorer (New Zealand).
– Consume Well Guide (United States and Canada).
– Farm Match (United States).
– Local Harvest (United States).
– Weston A. Rate Structure (United States).

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