5 Effective Exercises That Will Build Up Your Glutes, Improve Your Posture And Burn Fat !!!

People who lead sedentary lifestyles often have issues with their glutes, as they can become atrophied and sore. These muscles actually play an essential role in optimizing the strength of the legs, stabilize the pelvis, and support the spine.

Therefore, their strengthening will significantly improve posture and boost your body strength. By strengthening the glutes, you will be able to perform high-intensity activities and exercises, and they will also be extremely helpful for various sports and running.

Furthermore, you will prevent possible injuries if your glutes are strengthened. Your body will be strong, and your buttocks firm.

All these benefits are achievable with the following 5 exercises which will take just 15 minutes of your day. Do them couple of days a week.

5 Effective Exercises That Will Build Up Your Glutes, Improve Your Posture And Burn Fat !!!

  • These exercises will build up your gluteus minimus, gluteus maximus, and gluteus medius muscle.

1. Weighted Bridge

Lie down and bend your knees, placing the feet on the floor. The feet should be in a parallel position to the knees, a little bit more than a hip’s width.

Next, place a light dumbbell on the hips and raise them off the floor. At this time your abs, tights, and glutes should be tightened. You can start without a dumbbell if you are a beginner. Lower down to the initial position and keep your hips a bit above the floor. Repeat this exercise 15 times in 3 sets.

2. Lunges Exercise

Start this exercise in a standing position. Open your legs at the hip’s width. After that, step forward with one leg and bend your knee at 90 degrees. Hold the posture for 5 seconds. Get back to the initial position. Do this 3 sets of this exercise with 10 – 20 repetitions for each set. Do it with both legs alternately.

3. Squat Pulse

Your legs should be at hip’s width apart and the toes turned outward. In a standing position, your arms should be in front of your body. Tighten the abs and glutes as you squat downwards, with the back straight and the knees aligned with the toes.

4. Donkey Kicks

Lay down on your stomach and place your hands and knees at shoulder’s and hip’s width apart. Raise one leg towards the ceiling right above the buttock, but not higher than the torso to prevent possible injury. While lifting your leg, make sure your glutes and abs are tighten. Remain a few seconds in this position, and then lower your leg toward the ground but don’t let it touch the floor. DO this 15 times with both legs in three sets. Strap on ankle weights to intensify the exercise.

5. Fire hydrant

The initial position of this exercise is the same as the previous one. The difference is the right leg should be opened toward the side with your hip open and the right thigh parallel to the floor. Then return the knees to the initial position without touching the ground. Do 3 sets of this exercise with 16 repetition for each set.

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