The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Cover the Toilet Seat with Toilet Paper in a Public Bathroom…

You are probably one of those people who whenever they enter in a public bathroom, they wonder if they should hover or cover the toilet sit.

  • We get this, because the thought of sitting on a public toilet sit makes us uncomfortable as the whole restroom is packed with a lot of different germs and bacteria. However, as much as we do not like using public restrooms, sometimes we got have got to go. In cases like these, some people tear off toilet paper and put it on the toilet seat prior to sitting on it, as some way of a protective layer.

Nevertheless, this is completely wrong! In fact, it is better not to place anything on the toilet seat, including toilet paper and paper seat covers found in some public bathrooms. It may come as a surprise, but you should know that when you cover the toilet seat with paper you are in fact exposing your body to even more germs and bacteria. Both the form and the smoothness of the toilet seat have been specifically created to ward off bacteria. It has been made in a specific way which makes it hard for the bacteria and the germs to latch onto the toilet seat.

On the other hand, toilet paper has a special structure which absorbs things easily, and its rough texture makes it a perfect place for germs and bacteria to stick to. Furthermore, every time the toilet gets flushed, millions of disgusting bacteria and germs are spread throughout the air, flying until they end up sticking on the toilet paper roll. In other words, if you put toilet paper on the toilet seat, you will sit right on top of the bacteria and germs.

The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Cover the Toilet Seat with Toilet Paper in a Public Bathroom...

  • The human’s skin is able to protect the human body from any strange inhabitants in and around the toilet. It is a natural barrier which protects us from micro-organisms, and what’s more, our body already has the majority of the bacteria present on toilet seats. Furthermore, studies have shown that the average public toilet seat is cleaner than the average cutting board, kitchen sink, and dish sponge.

The most important thing you should do in order to avoid bacteria and germs is to wash your hands well after using a public restroom, using warm or hot water, soap, and rubbing them together at least 20 seconds. You should also be thorough and you should remember to also wash well the areas under the nails and in-between fingers, and then wash off the soap well and dry them. Also, when it comes to drying your hands, you should always opt for the paper towels instead of the electric hand dryers, as the electric hand dryers only blow germs on your cleaned hands.

  • You should also remember to avoid touching the handle of the door when you leave the public restroom, meaning that you would need to use your foot, hip, or other covered part of your body instead, of course, if it is a push door. To sum up, hovering is much safer and cleaner way for you to use a public toilet than making a ‘protective’ layer of toilet paper. Moreover, while you are hovering, you perform a mini-workout, meaning that hovering is definitely the best way to use

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