Dried plums are not tasty snack that everyone would like to eat, but when you will hear about all the benefits that they have you might think twice before you deny them.

  • One research that has been conducted recently revealed that consuming these probiotic dried fruit reduces the risk of colon cancer. Go on reading this text if you want to find out the results of the research and see whether it will convince you to include dried plums in your everyday diet.


Plums Encourage Retention of Microbiota

  • The research that we are talking about was conducted by Dr. Nancy Turner from Texas A&M, a research professor in the nutrition and food science department. According to the research regular consumption of plums helps the body to retain gut bacteria found in the colon.

The good thing is that this bacteria is healthy bacteria and it reduces the risk of colon cancer in a way that it fights cancerous cells and prevents growth of tumors. There are about trillion types of bacteria that can be found in the intestinal tract and microbiota is only one of them. Disruption of this bacteria leads to intestinal inflammation and some other problems that can lead to colon cancer.

Plums Contain Phenolic Compounds

  • According to Dr. Turner dried plums contain phenolic compounds and that is their power. She said that these compounds are really healthy and that they have numerous health effects. The best thing about them is that they can act as antioxidants and fight free radicals which are known as the biggest cause of cancer. Besides that free radicals are also known to damage DNA.

They tasted these compounds on rats. For this purpose they divided the rats into two groups, the first group was provided with diet containing dried plums and the other group had a controlled diet without them. Both diets included the same total calorie count and macronutrient composition, to ensure that the only difference between the diets was the inclusion of dried plums. In the end they examined the intestinal contend and concluded the plum compounds are really powerful.

  • From the research they revealed two things unknown till then. The first one was that dried plums increase the amount of healthy gut bacteria and decrease unhealthy gut bacteria. They also revealed that the rats on the dried plum diet also had a reduced occurrence of aberrant crypts in comparison with the rats on the controlled diet. The aberrant crypts similarly like the free radicals are strong indicators of an increased risk of cancer development. So from all the above the researchers also concluded that the rats that ate dried plums were less likely to develop colon cancer.

Final Thoughts on Dried Plums

The basic conclusion to the research conducted by Dr. Turner is that consuming dried plums can promote the retention of healthy microbiota. This is associated with a greatly reduced risk of developing colon cancer.

She also mentioned that further researches are needed in order explore the effect of dried plums entirely.

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