Here’s How to Get Fluoride Out of Your System

Many of you probably know that fluoride bio-accumulates in the body. In other words, the more you drink or eat, the more it is going to be accumulated in your body tissues. Fluoride exposure is especially harmful to the thyroid, as it depletes the storage of iodine. The lack of iodine, on the other hand, impacts the thyroid’s metabolic and immune function, which contributes to hypothyroidism and lowered immunity.

  • If you expose yourself to great amounts of fluoride, you raise the risk of developing 23 different types of cancer, you age faster, and you contribute to lowering your child’s IQ. Still, you should not panic, as there are some practical steps you can take in order to detoxify your body from fluoride in a natural way.

Here’s How to Get Fluoride Out of Your System

Here’s How to Get Fluoride Out of Your System

  • Sauna

The Finnish have a saying: “sauna is a poor man’s drugstore”. A potent dry sauna session can help in the elimination of sodium fluoride and numerous other toxic substances from the fatty tissues. This is why you need to make sure that you consume enough purified water afterwards so that you replenish yourself. One of the best methods for elimination of toxins is perspiration. As we all know, sauna baths increase the body temperature, so they trigger the sweat glands.

In this way, the toxins that have been accumulated get removed through the sweat. These toxins include fluoride, lead, copper, mercury, sodium, and many other dangerous chemicals. For boosting your health and your immunity, you can install a personal sauna in your own home. By eliminating the accumulated toxins from your body, you improve your general health. According to research, the far-infrared sauna is much more efficient in detoxifying than any other type of traditional sauna, since the deep penetration of the infrared energy improves the elimination of toxins. When you practice this method of detoxification, you need to drink great amounts of clean water.

Here’s How to Get Fluoride Out of Your System

  • Selenium

This substance has been considered to be the nature’s antidote of fluoride. As the Food Consumer informs, the Journal of Hygiene Research has published a new study that has indicated that taking selenium supplements or consumption of foods rich in selenium can help reduce the damage to neurons and minimize memory loss induced by fluoride. Selenium is a substance needed in the process of formation of important antioxidant enzymes that help prevent cellular damage caused by the free radicals. Due to the fact that fluoride damages the thyroid, one needs to take in more selenium, as this substance is critical for proper thyroid functioning.

Selenium is also highly beneficial for the immune system. Selenium has been shown to prevent heart, liver, and kidney damage caused by increased amounts of fluoride. As one study has shown, selenium raised the rate of elimination of fluoride in the urine. The NIH claims that the upper tolerable intake of selenium is 400 micrograms on a daily basis. Selenium is found in numerous foods, especially in egg yolk, mushrooms, poultry, kidney, liver, and muscle meats, seafood, onion, garlic, asparagus, tomatoes, broccoli, and other foods. For better absorption of this mineral by the body, you should take it in separately from vitamin C and zinc.

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