12 ways that our bodies tell us we are too stressed !!!

According to studies, people who experience stress and anxiety on a daily basis tense and constrict their muscles more often which leads to constant fatigue and cramps over time. It has been proven that headaches and IBS both stem from stress, and the side-effects of these conditions can do even more damage. The symptoms of stress are often caused by unresolved emotional problems.

“Studies have shown that chronic pain might not only be caused by physical injury but also by stress and emotional issues. Often, physical pain functions to warn a person that there is still emotional work to be done,” Dr. Susanne Babbel recently said for Psychology Today.

Here are the 12 body parts most affected by stress:

  • Head

Of course, you can experience headaches because of worrying about something. But, you should try to relax without thinking about the problems in order to relive your stress-induced headache.

  • Shoulders

Making tough decisions can be destructive for your shoulders, regardless of whether someone is forcing you to decide, or you are naturally a indecisive person. In such a case, talk to the others and ask for a help in order to find out the best solution for your problem.

12 ways that our bodies tell us we are too stressed

  • Neck

Resentment is a destructive emotion for your neck, whether it’s a grudge against others or yourself. It ‘s hard to let go and forgive, but redirecting your attitude can make all the difference. You won’t always meet your high expectations, and that’s okay. People aren’t always trying to harm you, even when it feels that way. Think about the things you love, your unique abilities, and your past achievements.

  • Upper back

Pain in the upper back is often caused by feeling unappreciated or fearing love. Lack of support from close people is hurtful, but try to communicate with everyone you love openly and never hold back words or affection to reduce the pain in your upper back.

  • Lower back

Fear of loss and an obsession for money can be the culprits for lower back pain. Financial worries are always harmful and can affect every aspect of your life. But, remember – money doesn’t buy happiness. Do what you love, and profit will soon follow.

  • Elbows

Human beings naturally resist significant changes and fear of newness. Therefore illogical stubbornness is a general response to these situations, causing joint pain. Remember that sometimes life is not as complicated as we make it seem. Don’t waste your energy fighting things you cannot affect. Let life flow and hang on for a glorious ride.

  • Hands

Those who are introvert could experience hand pain as a result of companionship absence. In such a case, try to become an extrovert and don’t be afraid of going out and becoming friend with a lot of people.

  • Knees

Knee pain may be an indicator of an inflated ego. Don’t be a comparative person and remember that no one revolved around you.


If someone feels inferior, he/she can express the feelings in a wrong manner and become a jealous person. Furthermore, jealous people may experience pain in their calves. Even if your relationship is tense, try to learn how to trust your partner or friends.

  • Hips

Many people become accustomed to routine and comfortable in a predictable lifestyle. When new situations arise, they may experience pain in our hips, signifying our fear of change. Remember that life is like a river, it keeps rushing and changing, and that’s what keeps it interesting. Think of it as an adventure and don’t procrastinate big decisions.

  • Ankles

The hectic schedules we have are not leaving us enough time for ourselves, which causes pain in our ankles. If you’re stuck in a rut, try to break free by buying that expensive thing everyone advised you not to buy. Go to bed early for a change or go for that trip you’ve always wanted.

  • Feet

Whenever we feel failure or everything is going wrong, our feet begin to hurt. To relieve the pain, start paying attention to the beautiful details in the world, and try out some new things that will put a smile on your face.

  • De-Stress to Heal

The next time headache is coming on, try relaxing instead of popping a Tylenol. Don’t ignore these body signs and take time for yourself. For instance, take a rest, relax and exercise. Yoga, mediation, walking in the countryside may help you a lot to reduce your stress and pain.

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