These 10 Common Household Items Are Draining Your Energy! Get Rid Of Them Immediately

Everyone considers their home a sacred place where they can unwind and relax after a long day at work, which is why it needs to be filled with positive energy flow.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of balance and arrangement that strives to provide maximum energy flow and bring peace and serenity within your home. The method of arranging items can help you feel better and will get rid of the negative energy in your home.

 These 10 Common Household Items Are Draining Your Energy! Get Rid Of Them Immediately

Here are the top 10 things you shouldn’t have in your home according to Feng Shui:

1. Clutter

Feng Shui suggests that everything in your home needs to be in a designated space – if something doesn’t belong in a spot, it shouldn’t be there. Shoes should be nicely tucked away, the keys shouldn’t be randomly thrown on the kitchen counter and other items should sit in a designated spot. Putting items randomly in your living room will only hurt the energy flow and create additional problems.

2. Things you don’t use anymore

We bet that there are things in your home you don’t use, yet they are still occupying a spot in your rooms. Don’t let them take a spot if you don’t use them – remove them from their spots and let the energy flow!

3. A Disorganized Front Entrance

When you first walk into your home, the space here should be clear and entirely functional. There should never be a pile of shoes in your front hallway or coats that don’t have a place to hang. Take advantage of storage options for all your things that you need in this place. A disorganized front entrance does not set up a proper energy flow for the rest of your home

4. Items under the bed

According to Feng Shui, you should pay special attention to your bedroom as it is the place where you recharge your body. Items under the bed are blocking the energy flow in this room, so you need to throw them away. The bedroom is a sacred place so try to keep it that way.

5. Mirrors In The Wrong Places

If you have mirrors in your house, this is fine. However, it’s having mirrors in the wrong places that can cause problems. When the mirrors are reflecting certain things (especially your bed or maybe even clutter), they need to be moved. Mirrors should reflect positive images and should never be in your bedroom. In feng shui, this means someone else may intrude upon your love life!

6. Dead Plants or Flowers

If you put flowers and plants in your home, you need to take proper care of them. Dead plants and flowers don’t just look ugly; they also reflect a dead energy and should be thrown away.

7. Broken items

If something’s broken in your home, you need to fix it. If you don’t intend to, throw it away. Feng Shui says that broken items harm the proper energy flow in your home, so it’s time to throw these items out.

8. A Bed in a Corner

Again, we come back to the bedroom. Having a bed that’s bordered by walls on one or more sides (especially a bed in a corner) does not promote proper energy flow. By positioning your bed a different way, you can get a better night’s sleep and feel rested in the morning. It’s best if you have a bed that’s not directly against any wall, but if this can’t be avoided, try to keep it limited to one wall, away from any corners, and within view of the door if possible.

9. Items Hanging Over Your Bed

Just as items under your bed pose an energy sucking problem, so do items hanging over your bed. Believe it or not, these include lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. These are a no! Ceiling fans only serve to chop up energy (considered bad), and light fixtures should never be directly over the bed. Placing these items in a different space in the room can help greatly when it comes to energy flow.

10. Electrical items in your bedroom

Feng Shui considers the bedroom a yin space, which means that it’s a place of relaxation. As a calm spot, everything in the bedroom needs to be in its place and fully functional, including paint color. You should avoid putting electronic devices in the bedroom as they will disrupt the energy flow and won’t let you sleep.

Try including these tips in your lifestyle and you’ll make your home an oasis of positive energy!

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