5 Steps to an Alkaline Body For More Energy, Weight Loss and Slower Aging !!!

If you want to dramatically improve your energy, get the body you’ve always wanted, say goodbye to inflammation and bring the ageing process to a halt, then following the alkaline diet is the easiest way to get you there. The alkaline approach to health is all about eating and drinking those things that will have an alkaline-forming, rather than acid-forming effect on the body.

It’s often misunderstood that the alkaline approach is trying to change your pH, but it’s all about supporting your body and giving it the tools it needs to maintain it’s ideal pH of 7.365. When we constantly eat and drink foods that have an acidic effect on our bodies, we force our body into neutralizing those excess acids.

 5 Steps to an Alkaline Body For More Energy, Weight Loss and Slower Aging !!!

Moreover, the repeated neutralization of excess acids results in inflammation, an over-active immune system, chronic fatigue, Candida overgrowth, weight gain, poor digestion, etc. But, by providing your body with alkalinity you actually give it the nutrients it needs to thrive, so you will feel great.

Take a look at the 5 steps that will help you make your pH levels more alkaline:

1. Lower stress

When we are stressed, the stress affects our body in the same way our diet does. Namely, chronic stress and constant production of cortisol can have a negative effect on the body. The hormone cortisol has an enormous role as it prepares the body for fight or fight situations. Nonetheless, by doing so, it creates problems in the digestive and immune system, and disrupts many other bodily functions as well.

A good way to decrease stress is to do yoga because this technique betters the serotonin levels- it makes you happier. According to science, regular yoga improves the overall mood and decreases depression.

2. Decrease the intake of acids

It is recommended to start the transition gradually by eliminating the habitual strong acids as soon as possible. Soda, sugar, processed meats, and gluten-containing grains are the worst offenders, so cutting them back gradually will eventually help your body maintain proper pH balance. Again, instead of doing it all up at once which is a surefire way to give up, do the transition gradually.

3. Go green

In fact, the most alkaline foods are those containing the richest amounts of minerals, vitamins, as well as other important nutrients. In addition, the foods at the top of that list are all leafy greens. Preventing Chronic Disease journal published a 2014 research that showed a list of the 41 most powerhouse fruits and veggies, and the top 16 were all leafy greens.

Consider adding kale, spinach, chard, lettuce, and arugula to your daily diet in salads, juices, soups, and smoothies.

 5 Steps to an Alkaline Body For More Energy, Weight Loss and Slower Aging !!!

4. Hydrate

In my experience, the vast majority of people who are struggling with fatigue or who have ongoing health struggles are chronically dehydrated. Getting enough water each day is one of those ‘to-dos’ that we often forget, because it just seems so obvious. But so few of us get enough. The general, mainstream recommendation is 8-glasses-a-day, and even though this is actually nowhere near enough, most people don’t even reach this daily milestone! The trick is to make it easy to remember, and to set goals. Use alarms on your phone, leave reminder notes and set habits such as always having a glass of water when you get to your desk at work, having a glass when after you clean your teeth and so on.

5. Get oiled

Getting enough omega oils, particularly omega 3 is critically crucial to so many physical functions and procedures. Omega 3 is known as an ‘vital’ nutrient because the body can not manufacture it alone, it relies upon you to consume it! And nobody is to blame; it’s really quite difficult to get enough through diet alone!

The easiest way to include this is through supplementation, but I also recommend making your very own salad dressings using flax oil, chia seed oil or walnut oil with lemon, herbs and so on. Be creative– it’s hard to fail. Think about it, if you had one salad daily with your own omega-3-rich dressing, you ‘d be hitting 2 of these 5 actions every day!

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