Goodbye Diabetes With No Meds. Have This Instead!

A man felt constantly extremely thirsty and decided to examine his health condition to detect the cause of it. After being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure 4 years ago.

This man decided to find a cure and treat these health conditions. Doctors gave his insulin therapy, and he started to exercise regularly.

However, a couple of months later his condition suddenly got worse, and his blood sugar levels were still rising. Disappointed and depressed, he turned on the TV on New Year’s Eve and a show called “The Edge of Science” caught his eye. In this show’s episode, Dr. John Zirdum talked about how his life changed once he started eating raw food 12 years ago. Inspired by his story, the man decided to buy a blender and start living healthier.

 Goodbye Diabetes With No Meds. Have This Instead!

In the first week he had many temptations and he resisted them to level good the blood sugar first. Then after this, he stopped the insulin and could not raise sugar in the blood. He even lost weight, maybe 25 pounds more or less in just a month and there is more! In 4 months he lost 50 pounds and triglycerides got to 1.4 while the pressure was 120/70. He was good as new. He was never better, healthier or happier with no meds.



– 5 bananas
– 2 kiwis
– Kale handful
– 2 apples


Place all of the ingredients in the blender and blend it well. Then, mix it with ½ l of water. Half of the juice should be consumed in the morning and the rest of it, throughout the day.

This regiment requires eating a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit. You can also add tuna, as it is rich in vitamin B12, which is one of the most important vitamins for proper function of the body.

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