Get Rid of Foot Pain in Minutes With These 6 Effective Stretches .

We are all aware of the fact that our bones are connected to one another in the body, and thus, the pain in one area may lead to issues in others as well. For instance, the pain which originates in the foot actually causes pain in the leg.

There are numerous reasons, over 25, for the pain felt in the feet, like bunions, corns, heel spurs, arthritis, athlete’s foot, overlapping toes, and ingrown toenails, and all of them lead to some kind of discomfort.

Do you know that everything in your body are connected to your feet? Chinese reflexology which has been around for centuries believe that feet are the source of your health. Besides, there are also many different detox footbath which were created based on the premise that your feet are the best place to draw toxins out from your body.

Get Rid of Foot Pain in Minutes With These 6 Effective Stretches .

The Simple Solutions for Foot Pain

The simplest thing you can do to alleviate foot pain is by doing stretches. Stretching your foot is very easy and need nothing but 5 minutes of your time. You can even do it while having your meal.

  • Toe Raise Exercise

Lift your toes. It doesn’t sound hard, but it can be incredibly difficult for some people to do. Stand with your feet and lift all of your toes upward. Your pinky toe should rise the same way and the same height as your big toe. Do this five times for each foot.

  • Tennis Ball Rub

As a requisite you can use the tennis ball (or other this size). Rolling it with a small pressure, repeat it with both feet 5 times. When you finish with the ball, point your toes toward knee and stretch the toes in order to point downwards.

  • Toes and fingers

Sit down with your legs in front and toes pointing upwards. With your fingers pull the toes back gently. You can do it with either feet or separately, one by one.

  • Rock Out

Standing, rock your weight to the outside of your foot, lifting your weight off the inside of your foot. Then rock inward until your weight is resting on the inside of your foot. Do both feet at the same time and do each side 10 times.

Loop a stretchy exercise ball around a table or a chair leg, and hook the foot through it, in order to make the foot rest against the band. Next, press the toes toward to floor, and stretch. Repeat 15 times.

  • Additional Tips

The following tips are really useful in order to restore the health, balance, and strength of your legs.

– Wear Proper Footwear. Even though comfortable shoes may sometimes mean that you should forget about the modern shoes and high heels, it can be of great help, as you should not constrict your toes. Your shoes should be proper for the width of your foot, and they should allow your feet to breathe, like mesh or leather. Moreover, your shoes should have proper arch support. Flip-flops are not the best option, as the grippy action your toes do in them harm your foot.

– Doing yoga. Yoga is another great way to train your feet since most of yoga poses is ground on the feet. You can learn about how to restore the balance to your body. You will also gain a sense of emotional health.

– Soaking your feet in Epsom Salt. Epsom salt has the ability to detoxify your feet. I can also boost your magnesium intake

– Walk barefoot outside. This is called earthing and you can find its health benefits here. Your feet are designed to be flexible, they grew to grip uneven surfaces – that’s why we have toes. If you don’t have a backyard, you can get shoes with individual toes – they look silly, but can do wonders for your feet.

– Go see a specialist. If your foot pain keeps up, go see a doctor. Maybe get custom orthotics, which can be expensive, but make you feel like your feet are on clouds.

Take good care of your feet, particularly if you’re diabetic. Foot health is crucial to your overall health – so don’t ignore them.

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