15 Surprising Uses for Eggshells and Egg Cartons …

The egg is an extremely useful item outside of the kitchen, for both the household and your beauty care regimen. Whether you want to give yourself a protein facial or spruce up your coffee, consider these 15 unusual uses for eggshells and egg cartons when you’re looking to keep homemade solutions quick, easy, and cheap.

9 Uses for Eggshells

We’ll start off with eggshells. It probably goes without saying that you’ll want to rinse your shells with warm water and it’s best to boil them for a few minutes to get rid of pathogens, before you use any of these tricks.

Eggs have become a staple in the kitchen. They can be cooked in different ways for breakfast, they can be boiled, they’re mixed into baked goods, and they’re essential to numerous recipes.

Before you go throwing out all of your eggshells, keep in mind there are surprising uses for eggshells that you might not be knowing. There are a surprising number of ways that you can use the shells of your eggs to improve your daily life. The cartons in which eggs come can be quite useful as well.

Do you know that there are many household uses for eggshells. Eggshells are a compact concentration of calcium carbonate. Their mineral composition is the main reason they can be used in many facets of life.

How to use eggshells? Boldsky will share with you some surprising uses for eggshells and egg cartons.

Have a look at some household uses for eggshells.

 15 Surprising Uses for Eggshells and Egg Cartons ...

  • Pest Control

How to use eggshells? You can use them for pest control in your garden. Breaking up fragments of eggshell and scattering them around your garden will keep pests out of your garden without having to use toxic pesticides. This is another surprising uses for eggshells.

  • Chalk

This is an easy craft and fun to make with kids. Grind the eggshells into a very fine powder and mix a teaspoon each of flour and hot water in a cup. Mix the egg shells into the resulting paste and mix it well. Here you can add food coloring or leave the chalk white. Roll the mixture into a stick shape and wrap it up in a paper towel. Let it dry about three days and you’ll have a perfect piece of chalk.

  • Composting

Eggshells breakdown very easily and are ideal for compost piles. Their high concentration of minerals add an extra healthy boost to soil and actually make for some pretty effective composting.

  • Laundry Whitener

One of the household uses for eggshells is that they can be used as a laundry whitener. Mix broken eggshells with lemon slices in a small cheesecloth bag. Wash your clothes along with this small bag with your. It helps to preserve the whiteness and keep your clothes from becoming grey.

  • Great Tasting Coffee

Have you ever taken a sip of coffee just to realize the whole batch is going to have an unpleasant, bitter taste? Placing an eggshell in your drip coffee filter with the coffee grounds can actually keep coffee from having that bitter bite without sacrificing flavor. It’s advised that you use approximately one eggshell for every four to five cups of coffee.

  • Drain Cleaner

Usually putting food waste in the drain can cause clogging of the sink. Put some eggshells into the drain. Eggshells help capture large particles of food waste and break down over time. As the eggshell fragments get smaller they travel through the pipes and clean them.

  • Calcium Supplement

You can rinse off the shells and boil them in a pot of water. Spread them on a baking sheet and place them in an oven for 30 minutes. Make a fine powder. This powder can be consumed daily with water for a healthy calcium boost. There should be a limit of about one teaspoon per day for optimal benefits. You can also dissolve eggshells in vinegar for about six weeks. The result is a healthy vinegar loaded with calcium.

  • Facial Mask

No need for expensive spa treatments when you have leftover egg shells. Mixing up a finely ground eggshell with an egg white, pestle, and mortar makes for a tightening mask with some great cosmetic benefits. You can also try other natural face masks such as honey face mask and turmeric face mask.

Itchy Skin

If you dissolve egg shells in apple cider vinegar. It also makes an anti-itch treatment. Applying the mixture to your skin can help relieve irritation or itching sensations.

6 Uses for Egg Cartons

  • Seedling Base

If you are interested in maintaining small plants such as flowers, egg cartons are a great and efficient way to bloom your seedlings. Fill each section up with your fertilizer and plant the seed. You will have a dozen small plants in their early stages of life. This is among one of the best benefits of eggshells for plants.

  • Crafts

There are countless ways people use leftover egg cartons for crafts. They have been turned into Christmas ornaments, room lights, and Christmas wreaths, with a bit of imagination you could do basically anything!

  • Paint Cups

Building on the idea of crafting, you can also use cartons as a palette for your paint. They conveniently store all your colors right next to each other.

  • Fire-Starters

Mixing wax and sawdust in small egg cartons can make a dozen effective fire-starters. You can first burn them and then add up other stuffing to be burned. This works great for a camp fire.

  • Mancala

Why not turn your carton into a timeless game? Mancala boards have 12 small indents, so all you need to do is add a small container on each end of carton, perhaps another chunk of egg carton, and you’ll have a game board. Use whatever small materials you can fit into the cartons for game pieces (I’ve seen tic tacs, pieces of gum and beans used).

  • Organizers

Cartons can be useful for basically any type of hobby or work that has a lot of small pieces. Some carpenters use them to organize screws while more artists keep their stuff in them.

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