6 Life Threatening Habits that you Shouldn’t Follow During your Period…

Every female experiences lots of physical and emotional difficulties while having a duration. During periods, your body is more prone to infections and other health issue, which is why you need to focus on particular things that can be dangerous to your body. Here are 6 bad routines that you ought to stop following throughout your period.

6 Life Threatening Habits that you Shouldn’t Follow During your Period...

  • Avoiding Meals

Avoiding a meal while having a duration can damage your health given that throughout this time of the month you are losing a great deal of blood, energy, and nutrients.

In order to control your energy levels and to maintain your body active, you ought to have all the 3 meals of the day, as well as some treat between.

  • Consuming Dairy Products

The consumption of dairy products can increase your menstrual pain. Particular foods, such as milk, yogurt, and cheese contain arachidonic acids which can be accountable for aggravating the cramps.

Nevertheless, by preventing these items, you will reduce your level of calcium, so you can change them with almond milk and some fruit smoothies.

  • Giving More Discomfort to Your Body

While having a period, you are already experiencing pain in your lower abdomen, so you shouldn’t provide more discomfort to your body. During your period, your levels of estrogen are really low and this hormonal modification can aggravate your pain.

Given that your body has actually lost its ability to bear the discomfort, you should avoid doing things that will give you any extra pain, such as getting a wax or planning a root canal.

  • Using the Same Pad for Too Long

Wearing the very same pad for a long duration of time is one of the most significant mistakes that numerous women make during their duration.

The wet environment of the pads motivates a growth of bacteria, which can cause many infections in the reproductive and urinary systems.

According to a current research, you must change the sanitary napkins at least once in every 3 hours, even when your flow is light.

  • Staying Awake All Night

Sleeping is extremely essential during your duration. The menstrual cramps become worse in the morning. Therefore, you must provide your body with an excellent night’s sleep so that all your functioning organs can relax from the discomfort you have experienced throughout the day.

  • Having Unprotected Sexual Intercourse

Numerous women presume that the opportunities to ovulate during the duration are inexistent and that it is great to have unguarded sexual intercourse.

However, even though the possibilities are lower, you can still get pregnant. Also, by having an unprotected sexual intercourse throughout your duration, you increase your danger of getting infections.

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