Lemon with Garlic Mixture: Perfect for Clearing Heart Blockages

In most cases, we use garlic and lemon to season our salads and other meals, but only a few are aware of the fact that their mixture can do miracles for our health.

These ingredients, when combined, can reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood, boost circulation, and unclog arteries.

The increased cholesterol levels are actually a result of the accumulated LDL cholesterol in the main arteries which may cause a heart attack or other heart diseases.

The pharmaceutical industries offer a wide range of products which can help in the fight against these diseases, but why would one struggle for artificial remedies when there are natural and very efficient solutions. Namely, if you add garlic and lemon into your everyday diet, you will provide better circulation and healthier cardiovascular system to your body.

Lemon with Garlic Mixture: Perfect for Clearing Heart Blockages

The ideal cocktail for unclogging your heart arteries

There are two ways of consuming and preparing the garlic and lemon solution.

  • Mixture #1


– 1 cup organic garlic juice
– 1 cup organic fresh lemon juice
– 1 cup organic apple cider vinegar
– 1 cup organic ginger juice


Mix all the ingredients together and pour them in a pot. Boil the mixture for 30 minutes and leave it to cool down afterwards. After cooling, add 3 cups of natural honey to the mixture, stir it well and pour it into a glass container, which you will keep in the fridge.


Take one tablespoon a day, before breakfast.

  • Mixture #2


– Garlic (30 cloves)
– 6 lemons


Peel your lemons and cut them into little chunks. Cut your garlic as well. Put everything into a blender, add some water and blend. Afterwards, pour the juice into a pot and mix it with 2l of water. Stir up until it reaches a boiling point and continue to cook gently for five more minutes. When you finish, pour the mixture into a glass container and keep it refrigerated. Throw away any remains.


Take 50 ml of the mixture a day for 6 weeks by taking it for three weeks first, then stop for one week, and continue taking it for three more weeks.

You can take this therapy twice a year, every half a year.

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