Stop removing chicken skin. According to doctors, it’s actually good for you!

Chicken skin is good for you. Yes, you got that one right. You may be convinced that it increases cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and even trigger the development of heart disease.

Well, you’re wrong! Researchers have found that you no longer have to remove chicken skin before you do the prepping.

Health experts at the University of Harvard say that moderate consumption of chicken skin doesn’t harm health at all. Moreover, chicken skin provides numerous health benefits.

 Stop removing chicken skin. According to doctors, it’s actually good for you!

Chicken skin is good for your heart

This is probably the biggest surprise about chicken skin is that it not your heart’s enemy – which has been the main reason why people stay away from it for several years.

Eating monounsaturated fats in moderation which can be obtained from Chicken can help reduce bad cholesterol and lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, according to the American Heart Association. Like avocados, which have also been shunned because of their fat content, chicken skin contains unsaturated fat, a type of fat that is heart-friendly. Unsaturated fat can help lower both blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, while regulating hormones.

The calories aren’t that high, especially when compared to skinless chicken.

A 12-ounce serving of chicken with the skin intact just has 50 more calories than skinless chicken of the same serving size.

Chicken skin can provide the flavor you need without anything extra!

Chicken skin is left on during the cooking process anyway in order to produce moist chicken. Therefore, it only makes sense that you would season the skin before-hand in order to infuse flavor into said chicken.

Eating the flavorful, seasoned skin will prevent you from adding too much excess salt or make you crave sauces that are high in synthetic sugars and processed syrups.

 Stop removing chicken skin. According to doctors, it’s actually good for you!

Not much oil is absorbed

Cooking chicken at a high temperature can make the food very oily. Thankfully, the skin is there and it works as a barrier, so you don’t have to worry about too much oil in the inside of the chicken. The oil turns into a crust and any moisture is trapped from going in. This is why even if you avoid eating the chicken skin, you should cook it with the skin as much as possible.

The skin is one of the pleasures of eating chicken. Gone are the days when people are told to set it aside. But it is important to understand that while chicken skin is not entirely evil, it still has more omega-6 than omega-3. The ratio is unbalanced and therefore, this can lead to inflammation if eaten every day in huge amounts. This is why moderation is always key. Additionally, charred skin should be avoided because it not only has little nutritional value, but may also cause your body harm.

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