5 Butt Exercises That are Better Than Squats…(VIDEO)

Squats are intense and hard to perform so we recommend other butt exercises that will strengthen your butt and thighs. Results in just a few days.

The Best Butt Exercises

  • Curtsy Lunges

First put your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips
cross your left leg behind you
step backward and lower your right knee toward the floor
make a pause
press into your left heel as you stand
extend your right leg into a side kick
after 60 seconds switch your legs.
do 10 repetitions.

  • Hydrants with Leg Extension

get on the floor with all your fours
bend your knees hip-width apart
put your wrists stacked over your shoulders
lift left knee toward the ceiling
extend the left foot straight out to the side
2 sets of at least ten reps

5 Butt Exercises That are Better Than Squats...(VIDEO)


  • Step Ups

Stand in front of a chair
put your left foot on the chair
put your right knee forward and up
return to resting position
don’t lower your back
20-30 repetitions.

  • Bear Plank Leg Lifts

start with plank position
put your shoulders stacked above your wrists
bend the knees
bend your left knee to 90 degrees
squeeze your gluts
raise your right heel up
take a break
return to starting position
repeat with the other leg
5 reps.

  • Single-Leg Deadlift with Kettlebell

start with holding a kettlebell in your right hand
then lift your left foot slightly
lean forward while raising the left leg
return to starting
repeat 10 times .

Check out the video bellow :

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