DISCOVER This 7 Stretches In 7 Minutes To Eliminate Back Pain …

One of the consequences of being sedentary, and also being incredibly active, is back pain. A lot of people experience lower back pain at any given moment. It’s a common affliction and one that takes care and diligence to eliminate.

Whether you experience stiffness, aches, or spasms, the following stretches will help keep your back fit and strong.

1. Knee to Chest

While lying flat on your back on the floor bring your knee to your chest and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

2. Forward bend

This stretch is for sudden or unusual back pain. Place a chair as high as your hip in front of you. Place hands on the chair and step away a little bit. Then, bend forward until your head is placed between your arms. Hold position for 1 minute then release.

DISCOVER This 7 Stretches In 7 Minutes To Eliminate Back Pain ...

3. Hip Flexor Lunge

Sometimes, tight hips can be the cause of back pain and this stretch will help you fix that. Place your right foot forward and lower left knee to floor. It is very similar to a lunge position. Stretch left leg as far back as possible. Remain in this position for 30 seconds. Return to original posture. Switch legs and repeat once more.

4. Hamstring Stretch

This stretch is super simple. Lay flat on your back and put your hands behind your upper thigh. Slowly slide your hands down your leg towards your foot until you start to feel tightness. Start with the right leg and hold for 20-30 seconds, then repeat with the left leg. Your hamstrings attach directly to your lower back, so loosening them up will have a direct impact on relieving lower back pain.

*Disclaimer: You should consult a physician before attempting these pain relief exercises. The author of this post is not a doctor and this does not constitute actual medical advice.

5. Quad Stretch

Lie down on the floor on one side and pull your top leg up towards your back. Hold the position for 30 seconds and then turn over and do the same stretch on your other side.

6. Supine Twist

This stretch is very beneficial for treating low back pain. Lie down on your back and bend legs at the knees. Keep both feet on the floor. Place your left leg over the right one and turn both legs to the left. Turn your upper body to the other side. Switch legs and repeat once more.

7. Figure four stretch

This is very simple exercise, just lie down on your back bend left knee, with keeping the foot on the floor. Raise right knee to the chest and put ankle across the knee. You should let your right knee fall to the side. Hold position for 30 seconds. Switch legs to repeat once more.

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