This woman just discovered the elixir of youth: she is 74 and looks 30! ( VIDEO)

We all want to stay looking young, and there are many beauty treatments to claim they will help you turn back the clock, but how often do they really work?

One woman has revealed the secret of her PROVEN path to youthfulness. At the age of 74 she looks like she is still in her 30’s, and all without a anti-age cosmetic in sight.

Annette Larkins from Florida has the age to be a grandmother, but when you see her, you will never be able to tell that. Her two sons at the age of 50 look like they are her older friends, while her husband who has 60, Amos Larkins, looks like her granddad.

Annette is in extremely good shape. She has clear skin and she’s full of energy. She wakes up at 5.30 a.m. every morning, the opposite of her husband.

He had never followed his wife’s diets. He takes medicines for prevention of high blood pressure and diabetes. Annette, on the contrary, had never taken medicines. For each ailment of hers, she cured them with only natural remedies.

  • The Secret of Youth

So what’s her secret? She follows a strictly vegan diet, using only what she’s grown in her garden. Amos owning a meat store in the 1960s prompted her to go vegetarian, eventually going full raw vegan a couple decades after.

Annette’s diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, but she also juices a lot of her food as well. Everything she eats is grown right in her own backyard, and she only drinks rainwater. Being a raw vegan, she doesn’t eat anything cooked or processed either.

She also consumes a lot of her own food. The only drink she consumes is rainwater. As a strict raw vegan, cooked or processed food are never part of her eating regimen. Her husband admires because of her strong will, vitality and being constantly occupied with healthy habits. He emphasizes that she is fluent in three languages and never ceases to learning new things.

At this moment, her favorite activities are taking care of her garden and sewing. If you want to find out more about her life and her advice, check out this video!

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